Friday, 4 November 2011

I am an Evil Spirit

Hello to all my minions,

The time has come to tell you all what has been going on for centuries without you even being aware. I am going to show you how the dark side thinks! I will bring my dark side out in me, to show you all the way it works. Here it goes,  but be warned, what you are about to read may disturb some of you.

Evil spirit:

First of all, who am I? I am the one you are all following without even being aware of it. I have trapped all of you within your own minds. How you ask? Well I am about to explain everything to you, but the question is, are you ready to hear the truth? 
Some of you might be very disturbed from what you are about to read, this does not bother me though. I do not have the same feelings and emotions as you people do, and I diffidently do not have a conscience. So maybe you have guessed on who or what I am now?
In case you haven't because you are still blinded by your own ignorance, I am the ego mind. Some of you may know me as the devil, or Lucifer or whatever else you want to call it. But I am just an ego mind, nothing more. I am about to explain everything to you, why I have done everything that has made your world the way it is today, and I will tell you of all those who follow me.

The very first person I got to follow me was a man called Jobe. He has no last name, as last names were never around at that time. Not what you were expecting I guess? Maybe you were thinking Adam and Eve? Adam and Eve are only the serpents that are wrapped around your spine, you cannot see them, but they are there. They are your inner entities, the yin and yang, The feminine and masculine within yourself.

 After I had convinced Jobe to follow me, it was quite simple from then on to get others to follow. I told him of how humans can be easily manipulated and deceived and extremely gullible. 
We set on a path to show people a new way of life, and showed them that life can be much easier with the help of what you know today as technology and gold and silver and so on. So I gave Jobe the first thing to begin his journey into an easier life.

The first things I explained to him were EARTH, AIR, FIRE and WATER, I also explained to him, that when he puts the Earth, Fire and Water together and wrap it around together with Air, we have a fifth, which is us, a physical being.
This is the most powerful being within this world. I went on to showing him how we can use all of this energy to take over this world.

1.    Earth; if you control the food grown from the earth, the very source of what we are made up of. You can poison the land and the food, and you will have control over the people and population.

2.    Air; If you contaminate the air which everything breaths. You will have control over the people.

3.    Fire; if you bring the fire to people’s homes, and slowly take it away or take it away at will. You destroy people’s spirit, as many do not know how to light a fire.

4.    Water; If you control the water, you control the people. If you poison the water with sodium fluoride (which is extracted from toxic waste.) You will make the populous docile and compliant to most orders.

People started to call Jobe a God, and called him a new name which became, Hephaestus (God of technology). When I gave him this knowledge it went straight to his head, thus my process had begun. As time went by, he became so powerful, that he couldn’t control it no longer, and everyone that followed were led to their deaths. In other words they all lost their minds, and killed each other over material things.

This was a very joyful moment for me. I actually felt so happy that it was so easy. So of course after they had all perished I did this again and again and again and even still today I am doing this. The only difference is now I have more lives to destroy, and this is where you come in. And I must say, you people are bringing so much joy to me, you have no idea. Most of you are still following my ways, believing that material things makes you happy.  When in reality it does the opposite. By the time you realize this though, it is to late.

By now you must be wondering why? What is the purpose of all this? Well I will tell you why, because I am one evil son of a bitch, and I love to see suffering and pain. That is the only reason for why I do this.

If you have not understood life as of yet, it is all about happiness, and well, this is what makes me happy. My ultimate goal is to destroy this world and many others within this universe, as I have already done. I have been to many planets, doing the same thing everywhere. I am the destroyer of worlds, and this is what makes me happy, to see so many follow my ways.

Now to answer a question on who are my followers today? Well most of YOU ARE. That's right YOU, if you are reading this right now, and using my technology and believe money is good and makes you happy, you are following me whether you like it or not. You are helping with my greatest goal, which is to destroy this world. We and you are everywhere. We are the skeptics that spread disinformation and deter you from your true paths. 
We are the ones that buy all of this stuff and make you feel jealous that you do not have it. 
We spread the word across the globe; on these brilliant little devices you call a TV, radios, computers and phones.
This is what has made my job so much easier; I just sit back and watch as my greatest goals unfold.

And yet, I even tried to help some of you, and still because of your blindness and ignorant ways, you do not listen.

There is no God or Devil, there is only Positive and Negative energy, that's it.

You have all created these Gods and devil yourself, because you know they are inside of you, and this is what your mind tells you. But if you had just listened to your hearts, you would have known better.  

We are your friends, your family, we show you that possessions are a good thing, and make life simpler for you. We are on the TV, showing only what we want you to see, we are your leaders, we are your kings and queens, we are everywhere. 

There are very little good people left on this planet, and I am so happy you all chose to follow me so easily. The only ones that are good will not be following the material trend that has poisoned your minds. Some even live off the land, like the peasants they are, but don't worry, I am still converting many of them today, and many are having no choice but to follow or pay the consequences.

All because of the beautiful invention, MONEY. Even they now have to use money, just to survive. And who do I have to thank for all of this? Most of YOU, that's who, you are helping me destroy this world, and it is working quite well.

Most of YOU because of your blindness and arrogance and ignorant ways, wanting more and more, which causes more and more poisonous gasses to leak into the air, which is creating drought and famine and worldwide chaos.

Most of YOU are the ones making all of this happen, and still you are blinded by this ignorance, and still continue to let this all happen. While I sit back with a smile on my face, knowing that my job is nearly complete. It is too late for any of you to change what is coming, you have only yourselves to blame, for the simple want.

Yes, you could have cleaner energy, and more useful technology, but I am not going to let you.  If there’s no money to be made, there’s no idea. War generates more money than you all realize, this is why I allow it to continue, even though most of you do not agree with it. You will never over power me, my weapons are to great. But some of you will die trying.

Your Ufos, who do you think they are, now I have explained this too you? They work for me also. That's right, most of them are just as evil as me, and are here to make sure my plan falls through. Every now and then we get a goodie two shoes that tries to sneak passed to help you people, but we sort them out quick smart, as we are many. You have seen them in the skies we are in the hundreds of thousands, stopping any good from trying to get in. Your world has been quarantined by us, the evil ones. And in 2012 the quarantine will be disrupted, but this still means nothing to us, we have already won and taken over this world as our own.

 You people watch your silly movies and believe that good will always win; this is more disinformation that has been spread upon this planet. Even evil wins from time to time. There is always a balance between both. Now we have Won and taken over your world again.

To all that think you are good, if you are reading this and believe in money and material things will make you happy, you are only following me and helping me with my greatest goal of all, and that is to destroy you all. So I must say A BIG THANK YOU to all that have helped. You have all been of great service to me and others. You all bring me so much happiness, it is a shame you cannot feel as happy as I do.

But don't worry keep buying more and more things and spend more and more of your precious money, keep the wanting up, I am sure you will find your happiness eventually, (giggling under my breath.)
But in the end you will never be as happy as me.

Hmm, what else can I tell you? Well I know one thing is for certain, YOU'RE ALL SCREWED, and most of you screwed your selves, you must feel some happiness in that, surely?
I know I do.

So now you know the truth of what has been really going on, you now have your so called disclosure, (giggling to myself). Now what are you going to do about it? 

Hang on let me guess, You’re going to go about your normal worthless lives, and continue to help me destroy this world, and pretend I said nothing at all. (Ahhhh… IGNORANCE IS BLISS!!)

If you believe nothing I have written, Just ask most of your musicians and actors, they know me very well, as I have molded them in to the perfect mind controlled subjects. Although most of them seem to go into melt down around the age of 30. But it was necessary, all to help with the programing of your minds. Just remember not to follow your hearts, the mind is much smarter.

Buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell = PEACE, LOVE and HAPPINESS
(Added note)
Now of course this is not the way I think, this is the way the ego mind thinks.  There really are no evil spirits, only people that do bad things, because of the ego mind. 
(This is usually caused by lack of unconditional love shown to them.)   

So if you’re reading this and it reminded you of yourself?  Then be sure to know, that I am one person that still loves you, whether you like it or not. That after all, is what unconditional love is.

Always refer to the first page: The Mind Trap, With all of my writings.


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