Tuesday, 16 June 2015

This is my final food for thought!

Creating a paradox

 The wisest person alive, knows that they know nothing at all.

Behind the thought is nothing-ness. A thought is always replaced by another.
The void is nothing-ness, darkness, empty of all conscious thought. 
Therefor we know nothing, even a God it self knows this. And knows it knows nothing, as a thought can always replace the original thought.

Therefor a god can not entirely exist until it has been thought of as being a god, that truly knows nothing at all.  If it did, it would not know what it really is. 

We became apart of the thought process, and as the water of life holds memory, it becomes a hard drive for all the thoughts. Therefor it was never a word that was spoken first, it was originally a thought before the word. A collective thought put together from a hard drive which is a water droplet (universe). When this droplet of water can hold no more thoughts, it divides it self into another droplet (universe) That has the memory from the previous droplet, and can hold more memory until this droplet fills up with more thoughts. This process happens again and again. Infinite times. Each droplet bigger than the last, filling the void of thoughts. Thoughts are merely a series of vibrations, sending information to other vibrations. But essentially all apart of the original thought (vibration). 
And vibrations create light. Light becomes the thought, (Consciousness).

This leaves a question, does free will exist?
 The mind says yes, but the heart says no. For free will to exist, it must be thought of first. So the only way free will can exist, is for it to be no thought at all. Because one thought is controlling another thought. So the only way to be free is to not think at all. No good, no bad, no right, no wrong. This is freedom, and peace of mind. No consequence for any action taken. If any of these things are not allowed, you have no free will, because of yours or someones, or somethings thought. Thoughts are controlling everything we do, say or feel.

Any one that does this, is immediately put in a prison or mental home. Someone or something does not want anything to have free will.  Even animals have lost their free will. And will be destroyed or removed and put away. 

You free will has been removed by thought............

Ponder this for a while, and you will find in your heart to be true.

Signed by:
A simple thought

Thursday, 17 July 2014

How to make money from nothing!

Hi everyone,

I thought I would leave on a little dilemma the banks cannot argue with.

The Question is, can you make money from nothing?

Here’s a story ONLY……

One day I get a letter in the mail. It’s from the taxation office. They say I owe them $600 dollars, because I have not declared money that has been sitting in an account gaining interest. So I decide to not pay the $600 dollars, and contest the bill, saying that I should not have to pay them anything.

Court day arrived. The judge says, “On what grounds do you wish not to pay this fine?”
I say to the judge “because I did not earn the money, it came from nothing, and it was a gift from the bank for having an account with them. I earned the money I put into the account, but did not earn any money they put in their extra.”
The judge says “The law states you have to declare all earnings, even interest from a bank, as it is declared as earnings.”
So I asked, “The bank creates money from nothing, I mean all they do is print money out that is basically worthless plastic, which holds no value beside the plastic it was printed on. They turn numbers into plastic sheets. Therefore they make something from nothing? Is this allowed?”

Now here’s where it gets tricky for the judge. 

The judged could answer as “this is correct” which allows for me to reply “Well then if a bank can make something from nothing, then I must be allowed to as well without it costing me a cent? Because it is not costing the bank anything to change numbers on a computer. Therefore I earned something from nothing as well. And should not have to pay my $600 dollars as it was not earned and was given as a gift, for putting my money into their account, which I might add, they make a lot more interest off my money alone?
Judge has no other option to close the case, and no fine will be charged ever again on anyone’s money, if it was not earned, and given to a person as a gift for being with that bank.

But the Judge could also answer as “But it against the law to not pay a fine to the taxation department, regardless of whether the money comes from nothing, and was a gift.”
So I say, so it’s okay for a bank to make something from nothing, but not okay for the average person like you and me.
The judge replies “I know it does not sound fair, but the law is the law. You owe the taxation department $600 dollars.”
So I say “okay, that’s fair enough then. So I will pay the $600 dollars, but I also wish to sue the bank, for all the money I have ever paid on interest on any loan I have ever made with all my banks. Because Now I know it’s against the law to make something from nothing. And the banks do this; therefore they have broken their own law. So I will sue them for $6000 dollars for all interest paid on my loans, thank you”

Case closed

Then here's something to ponder For Australians, But is the same for majority of countries.

Is tax voluntary?

Quick answer, No.

BUT.......As it states HERE  http://docs.law.gwu.edu/facweb/jsiegel/Personal/taxes/voluntary.htm

Quote:As is demonstrated here, the income tax statutes clearly require the payment of income taxes. There is nothing voluntary about it.

It is true that the IRS itself frequently states that it relies on the “voluntary compliance” of taxpayers. But anyone who relies on that to say that the income tax is voluntary is confusing two different things: the legal duty to pay the tax and the method of enforcing that duty relied upon by the IRS.

It does say voluntary compliance. What this does mean, is that any person has the right to pay the minimal amount of tax. Regardless of what you earn.

Now for Australians, this means that we can pay a minimum of 19 cents in the dollar. As stated HERE  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Income_tax_in_Australia

Quote:Taxable income Tax on this income Effective tax rate
0 – $18,200 Nil 0%
$18,201 – $37,000 19c for each $1 over $18,200 0 – 9.7%
$37,001 – $80,000 $3,572 plus 32.5c for each $1 over $37,000 9.7 – 21.9%
$80,001 – $180,000 $17,547 plus 37c for each $1 over $80,000 21.9 – 30.3%
$180,001 and over $54,547 plus 45c for each $1 over $180,000 30.3 – 44.9%

Keeping in mind that first $18.201 is tax free.

Now to prove a point that is does not matter how much you earn, and any one has the right to pay minimal tax. Is an example right HERE http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/budget-2014-prime-minister-tony-abbott-orders-pay-freeze-for-himself-and-federal-politicians/story-fni0cx12-1226912955745?nk=425421fb777ccf1403903c441c05e1bf

Quote:For the Prime Minister, who earns a salary of $500,000, the deficit tax charge will force him to pay $6400 in extra taxes.

Now hang on, lets do the math here. 19 cents in the dollar, times by $500.000 equals $95.000 dollars??????? Do you really think they pay this amount? Of course they don't it's actulally less.
Do you see what is going on here. This guy Tony Abbot want what is fair for everyone, but he only owes the tax department $6400 dollars in extra taxes on $500.000.

It doesn't take a genius here to work out who is really getting the raw end of the deal.

If its going to be fair for everyone, it needs to be FOR EVERYONE. This does not include all the benefits these people receive while pretending to run the country with their bribe money, to shut up about the current system.

I will leave it at that for the moment. And let you all have a think about this.

I still ,and have always wanted to vote republic, other wise we will all continue to be dragged down by these, well there is no other word but the criminals that run it now.

Lets see what they have to say about this, and lets see them use the word FAIR again after this. chuckle Show me any where this is fair for the Australian people. or even the Americans, and so on, and so on.

Oh, wait a minute I might need some more of this fluoridated water. I am getting out of line again hey??
 But It does not end there.

We can actually remove our selves from the system, it just becomes one big head ache, as this guy is finding out.
FAQ on Removing Ourselves From Fiat Monetary System

But in the end, it can be done.

What one must realize, is we are currently living in a fraudulent system.

Everything is just about illegal these days. Hell, even fighting against the system is illegal, and one can be labeled as a terrorist for doing such a thing.

Why else do you think they created the 9/11 incident, they new people were waking up to the system fast. So they had to come up with a plan to force the new law in. Now anyone who tries to fight or stand up against the system can be dealt with according to their laws.

If this is the case, then why am I doing this. Because frankly I don't give a sh$t about these people any more, as they seem to think the same about us innocent people who get forced into all their crap. That's right I said forced. We can start with an illegal document if you want. Birth Certificate being one.

Lose The Name, Win The Game


This is the most important thing to remember right now, anything we register, is rightfully theirs to own. According to their illegal document's. they have the right to sell anything you register, even including yours and my children. That's how sick these people are. Sadly to take my children from me, they would create the end of this system. Not only that, I have the right to defend my children at all cost. Even if they attempt to by force, I can and would use force in return. It always works both ways. 
 For those that are interested, here is a brilliant read.

The World Conquerors
The Real War Criminals

And then there is this.

Follow The Money, A Handbook https://www.opensecrets.org/resources/ftm/
 What we become aware of, can no longer control us.

Take good care all of you. My love goes to you all.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

What to write next?

As I sit here, wondering what to write to about. I realized, it no longer matters, as everything I have been doing up till this point in time is working, and has worked far greater than I had imagined from when I was 8 years old.

As most of us still try to grasp what is happening, why are we here, what are we meant to be doing. It no longer matters, as the path I have chosen this time round, is to correct the mistakes I had made in the past. So far in this life time, I have done as much as possible to correct many things. But there are other things that are beyond my control. Because no one being has control over everything that happens, it‘s a collective experience; we all have our parts to play.

Soon scientists are going to discover how everything in THIS universe and other universes work. As they will provide the proof, so I will let you in on it now.

The universes are all living and breathing simultaneously, kind of like many lungs working together. As one expands, the other will contract. It’s all working together just like everything inside of us works together to keep us alive.

When the universes collapse in upon themselves, it does not explode like a big bang, it’s more like taking a big breath in then back out again. As it expands again, everything starts all over. Everything repeats, and we go through this whole process again. Some of you remember this as a Déjà vu experience. But the best part is that we can correct our mistakes from which we had made before.

As I remembered this at a young age, I have kept it in my mind the whole time. Every person I had ever spoken too, I always made sure to leave an imprint of my consciousness within them. By doing this, it has allowed me to help others develop a conscience of their own. This has happened even before I come into this world again. Only difference with this time around, I have decided to use the internet to reach many more people. I did not do this last time, and things have gotten quite ugly the past times, far worse than they are now.

By doing this for just over 8 years now, I have seen many changes in everyone; my consciousness has been expanding, and is now expanding at an even faster past. People with great information have been developing their own conscience, thus are bringing forth information to the people of what is really going on behind the scenes.

Now some of you may be thinking how one person could create such a ripple effect. I will answer as; one person is all it takes to start any ripple effect in this great ocean of life. I began mine at 8 years of age, simply by saying the right things to other people. And now my 8 years upon the internet has worked out even better.

Now of course I do not know whether this path was or is the correct one, because this journey is a new one to all of us. It may have been similar to another time, but there are many differences within this breath out.

Some of you may think that, what‘s the point of everything if all it does is repeat all over again. I will answers as: There is no point to it, as long as you enjoy each ride, and make every moment count as if it were your last. Yes we will make mistakes, and the best part is we get to correct those mistakes each time until we get it right. What happens after we get it right? I believe we will all remember the next time the universe breaths out, and continue from the last point we had been here. The proof of what I am saying is close, so you will not have to wait long. But I know one thing is for sure, I have made this ride far more interesting for the other beings that have been attempting to make things go their way.

Even this post will make some of you think, and think hard. I heard a saying a little while back, and not sure if it is true or not. But here it goes:
“If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you; but if really make them think, they’ll hate you” (Harlan Ellison)

Only you will know if it is true or not, because I know within my blog, and the things I write to you all here, make some of you think really hard. So sorry for that, but this process I began a while back was on purpose. I know the mind is capable of so much more than we get told. I have tested this many times myself, and most tests have past thus far.

True knowledge is coming forth faster than some of you can keep up, even now with me writing this long page of words, only a small precent of you will get all the way through. That has all been due to the conditioning of people’s minds, to not think so much, and have an attention span like an insect. No offence to those whom have this problem of course. It is not entirely their fault.

I am not sure when the next deep breathe in will take place, but we will not notice because it will happen reasonably fast. When I say fast, I mean approximately 17 billion years or less. Time is really irrelevant; all we really know is that it could happen any time soon. If we get things right this time or the next, we will eventually remember everything. And Déjà vu will become an every moment thing, so in other words we will know our future before it happens, so we can constantly change things at any moment if we did not like it the way it was last time. Thus we will continue this path every time the universe contracts and expands.

And while this universe contracts and other universes around us will breathe out, this process will always remain as an infinite loop. Nothing is beyond any point but more living breathing universes infinite of each other. And I know how hard that is to grasp, but knowledge will come forward to show what I mean.

Enjoy this Moment as if it were our last.

After that, now I am tired. chuckle

If there is anything else you wish to know, do not hesitate to ask. I will let you think, and I will come back tomorrow.

My love to you all.

HeartflowersPART 2 Of this post.

This post was done on a site called Lunatic outpost, and can be found here http://lunaticoutpost.com/showthread.php?tid=389431

Hi everyone, Hope you have all been well.

I have been sitting here just now, wondering what to do, as to whether I should post my 4 page long story or just shorten it down and let you guys and girls ask questions for me to answer instead.

A few more minutes have past now, and I have decided not to post the story, it is quite long.
And I know not to many people have the patients to read through it all. But I will post the full version on my blog, just in case some of you wish to read it all. Give me a day or two, as I only wrote it yesterday, and wish to go through it thoroughly before I post it on there.

First I must ask every one not to participate in this thread, if you are not open to new ideas, as this will change a whole new out look on life as we know it, thank you.

We have heard many times before, we are living in some sort of holographic universe run by some machine from some unknown source. Also that everything is an illusion.

Well the second is more correct. I have been experimenting on the holographic universe theory, but have come to the conclusion this is not exactly the case, as it may feel like it sometimes, it's much bigger than that.

Everything we have been taught throughout this life so far has been one of the greatest illusions of all.

Have any of you heard that, water can hold memory?
Some of you have probably heard the old water of life before?

Well what I have come up with is going to be far out for some of you, but I can answer most of your questions on this topic.

I have given many clues within my writings, calling this one big ocean, or creating ripple effects, and so on. I watched the documentary global awakening, and the funniest thing was said through the whole 2 hour show. And that was, if a fish could talk, and you asked it about the water it was living in, it would most likely reply, what water? Just like the movie Matrix says, do you really think that is air you are breathing?

I can ask you people the same question.....Tell me about the water we live in? Still there is not much known about water. But without it, no life.

There are many different densities of water. Here on this rock we have Ice, hard water in the ocean, and fresh water. There is also boiling water, and water vapour, which is the one we breath. Even in space, even though the water vapour is extremely cold and much thinner than in this little bubble. It is still possible to breath in space if we gave time for our lungs to adapt. I have written to you all about the bubble universe theory that is infinite. http://lunaticoutpost.com/Topic-What-to-...about-next

This was just a beginners step to this thread. As science may not have proven this yet, they will soon enough. Now I can write so much more as most of you know. But here is where I would prefer you to ask questions? This way I know exactly what you all want to know. Just saves me rambling on and on, and then most of you will still have questions afterwards. Plus I am sick of writing things with everything explained and then the thread dies off, because no one can think of anything to write.

So go ahead, question our reality. You just might be surprised by the answers you receive. I have pondered this for a very long time here on this rock, and I am ready and loaded with many answers. So pick my mind and heart as much as you like. I will try to answer as many as I can day by day. Just remember though, everything we thought we knew, is not what it really seems. But I know you will all remember this eventually, if you don't already. I am hoping to learn a little from your questions as well. As I don't know everything, just a lot about these type of topics. And I know some of you have some really good ones, from my time on the internet world. I know I haven't given you much, but a little start, which was intentional. I will keep coming back here till I go to bed today, so ask away.........

Qustions....(By The Way, ManInTheMirror is my online name for that site)

 Cebeij  Wrote: (01-16-2014 11:51 AM)
in my mind, water is but an element. this air we live in is our ocean of air. maybe to another dimension, race what we live in is water, fluid.

I see that water has many forms as you stated. I also see that most anything can have many different forms. Not sure if i really have a question as I'm not 100% clear as to your overall point. But i do like these type of discussions. Cheers! Heartflowers

well if air is another form of water, then yes water is a very good way to hold frequencies.

It's also the way vibrations travel. Not just nothing i.e. space as we have been told. A whale taught us this, by how far it can communicate with other whales across the ocean. Its sonar range is much further than we realize when everything is within water. Just the frequency changes within each level of water it passes through, until it reaches the edge of our bubble universe and bounces back. Even when that vibration has reached the edge of our universe, it is possible that vibration will spread around the outer bubble and spread unto the other bubble universes around us. And that is mind boggling on it's own. Think about how long it would take, and just how many other life forms heard that particular frequency passing by them.
Thanks for joining in, hopefully the good questions will start soon.

 LoP Guest  Wrote: (01-16-2014 12:12 PM)
ManInTheMirror  Wrote: (01-16-2014 11:59 AM)
Are you afraid to question something you do not understand. Never needed drugs, in order to get a natural high before. Everything has come to me by simply asking the right questions.

my question is obvious then. "what questions did YOU ask?"

Holy crap, What a question!! lmao.

Honestly too many, and still keep asking new ones all the time, things just pop up into my head. And within moments the answer is just there. I never hear voices, I believe my mind, reads the vibrations entering it, then interprets it in a language we understand.
i know that is not directly answering your question but I would be here all night writing all the question I have asked throughout out my life since I was like 8 years old. being 36 now, that's a lot of questions lol.
Things like what are we really seeing. How do vibrations travel, to get to their destinations. How does Karma work, Now that's a good one to know :)

 Drunkn Monkx  Wrote: (01-16-2014 12:31 PM)
ManInTheMirror  Wrote: (01-16-2014 11:02 AM)
Have any of you heard that, water can hold memory?
Some of you have probably heard the old water of life before?

There are many different densities of water. Here on this rock we have Ice, hard water in the ocean, and fresh water. There is also boiling water, and water vapour, which is the one we breath. Even in space, even though the water vapour is extremely cold and much thinner than in this little bubble. It is still possible to breath in space if we gave time for our lungs to adapt. I have written to you all about the bubble universe theory that is infinite. http://lunaticoutpost.com/Topic-What-to-...about-next

Masaru Emoto, a japanese energy scholar studied the energetic features of water in depth and published some interesting books about that.

Quote:"Emoto's hypothesis has evolved over the years of his research. Initially he believed that water takes on the "resonance" of the energy which is directed at it, and that polluted water can be restored through prayer and positive visualization. "

Water is indeed a very mysterious element and still not fully understood.
How comes, that people got and get baptized in/with water? and so on....

a short 8min video gives some food for thoughts:
ManInTheMirror  Wrote:
I love this video, thanks for posting it, here, I was trying to avoid visual effects, I have a few on the full story. But not many have the time to watch them, or can't see them on their phones.

As to your question, I find this odd why they do it too, when in reality, all we have to do is have as many people as we can to have positive thoughts. This will spread like a ripple effect across the ocean of life.

Quote from, what the bleep do we know.
"If our thoughts can do this to water, imagine what water can do to us."

 Drunkn Monkx  Wrote: (01-16-2014 08:50 PM)
ManInTheMirror  Wrote: (01-16-2014 02:24 PM)
Any one?

Questions like, Is their a God?

Ok, you beat me to it chuckle - now here is my question: what's your take about "God".
Is there a "God" in your opinion and if so, what do you think about that "God" - do you communicate with that "God"?

[I set "God" in quotation marks to use this term as neutral as even possible and to separate it from any religious background, because
I'd like to discuss this issue without any preconception.]
ManInTheMirror  Wrote: 01-17-2014 11:22 AM


Why did I have a feeling you were the one to say it, lol. This will be a little long. But of course, will hopefully bring more questions :)

This is actually a simple answer, but for most minds it get's complicated, thus we enter the mind trap, and begin to think to much about it. So from the beginning.

First "GoD" is exactly what it is, a word. The word is simply vibrations resonating at different frequencies. Which then tells us straight away, that the word "GoD" doesn't really exist but is only a vibrational state resonating at a frequency. Therefore it has no name, but what we decide to call it with our language.

Now on this Rock people have decide to name this "God" it's current name. Some have chosen others, such as "Allah", and many others. But all mean the same thing. All seeing all knowing powerful being, that created everything.

This "God" is a symbol of worship and worship only. If a true "God" is benevolent, has no judgement. It would not want to be worshipped, it would prefer to have us work with it, as an equal.

Now water is everywhere, in everything, holds memory, holds structure, which therefore see's and knows all.
To create life the two main ingredients are from the same source,,,Water. One, is boiling water. I know it may sound crazy, but if you can boil water to extreme temperatures, say as hot as our "sun" It appears to be illuminating. The water surrounded around this boiling point begins to de-thaw the ice. The hotter the boiling point the greater the ice melts, within what we call "Atoms" This is where the terms fire and ice come from. Everything is in a liquid form down to the tiniest molecule that we get to see. But this boiling point continues to get hot then cool down. Making this bubble universe we live in expand and contract. The only time a bubble universe can end, is if it pops. And other universes around it collapses into the popped one, consuming everything into multiple universes at the same time. All universes aare one collective hive mind. Which even if it is so, that we are living within another being, the process will repeat over for infinity. As they too would be within a bubble universe.

So therefore there is no Particular "God" per-say, because it is infinite. But the only source that still remains is the water bubble, we call a universe.

That there, is the hardest thing to get a mind around. The Collective hive mind is only the universal brain that has become aware of it self.

So from every religion I have read about, and honestly that was a head ache on its own. They all have many truths, but also just as many illusionary things that have been written, because it was written by the mind (consciousness), not the water it resides in to live, which is the other word we like to use called a "Soul" of all essence. The mind is the one that want us to worship it.

That is my Minds opinion, and the water I reside in.

If any one does not believe me, it does not matter. This is the belief they have chosen. But when one has unlocked the "Penile gland" Which coincidently is liquid, but just resonating at a higher frequency when one finds the path to it. Until then it remains in a low frequency state.

The higher the frequency the less density the fluid becomes. The lower the frequency the more solid it becomes. Fire And Ice.

 LoP Guest  Wrote: (01-16-2014 10:27 PM)
Regards Man in the Mirror

Interesting thread, and interesting claims. I agree with the statements about water, everything is aware, but water caries sentience. It is the crystalline symbol of the three (plus the hidden fourth), that manifest from the Tao and give rise to the ten thousand things.

What is it that I am required to remember, in order to pass through the gate?

With Respect
Aldonso Quixana
ManInTheMirror  Wrote:01-17-2014 11:39 AM

Hi Aldonso Quixana,

Thanks, and glad you like it.
Happiness is one thing that keeps mine and every ones vibrational frequency high. Find what makes you happy, this is a start. Once your vibrational frequency raises, the rest will come to you. You will eventually find who you are, then you can pass through the gate?? If that's what you wish to call it. I like to use door, mainly because of the saying. I can only show you the door, one must walk through on your own, only to find out you were never alone in the first place.

Best advice I can give, is practising to still your mind, so the water can send you many different vibrational frequencies. And one of those will have the answer you seek.

Respect returned


 The higher self  Wrote: (01-16-2014 11:37 PM)
If water is a reference to the infinitely unknown does that imply fear is only afraid of fear ?
ManInTheMirror  Wrote:01-17-2014 11:47 AM

Hello The higher self,

I have actually said this within my blog as well. Fear can only be fear by it self. YES.

All fear is,

a warning system that allows us to become aware that something is disturbing the water we reside in. And it is what is known as the chaos theory. This is when many Vibrational frequencies collide together, creating a disturbance in the force, so to speak. This is the feeling we call fear. But the vibrational frequencies will then bounce back out to the ocean of life, thus the fear feeling will leave.
We can create these vibrational frequencies with in us as well, where they collide within us, thus creating the fear feeling again, but again it will pass. Therefore, no reason to fear the feeling. it's more of a alert system to become aware of your surroundings, and chaos may happen around or within you at any moment.

 Solloko  Wrote: (01-17-2014 12:30 PM)
whats it like to be in a place where you only see your reflection in everything all that you experience just a image of your reflection, ideas thoughts desicions answers just for you to understand.
Because all you see is this reflection in the water and you project yourself onto it as if it were something else but its you like all things in essence your journey your lessons your visions. You see them because they're yours but you react as if they arnt. I dunno who can really see beyond the veil of their ownself and if they could who else would be able to acknowledge it and the effects how far would they carry if no one else could experience them.
ManInTheMirror  Wrote:01-17-2014 12:54 PM

Acceptance of all that is,
This is the only thing one can do Heartflowers

Kinda like the old saying, we can't live with it, and can't live without it.

 Drunkn Monkx  Wrote: (01-17-2014 09:00 PM)
ManInTheMirror  Wrote: (01-17-2014 11:22 AM)
First "GoD" is exactly what it is, a word. The word is simply vibrations resonating at different frequencies. Which then tells us straight away, that the word "GoD" doesn't really exist but is only a vibrational state resonating at a frequency. Therefore it has no name, but what we decide to call it with our language.

this would correspond to the first words in Genesis 1, where "the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and began creation with speaking (sound) "must there be light".

Yes it does.

ManInTheMirror  Wrote: (01-17-2014 11:22 AM)
Now on this Rock people have decide to name this "God" it's current name. Some have chosen others, such as "Allah", and many others. But all mean the same thing. All seeing all knowing powerful being, that created everything.

This "God" is a symbol of worship and worship only. If a true "God" is benevolent, has no judgement. It would not want to be worshipped, it would prefer to have us work with it, as an equal.

some arguments to ponder about, indeed! Any kind of "judgement" would probably make no sense, because there is absolutely no judgement in the whole nature but demonstrably within mankind.
Nature works depending on the principle of seed and reaping, no judgement at all.
So how about worship? Does nature worship the creator? I am pretty sure it does:
surely nature does not need any kind of idols, "holy places" or else for worship,
nature worships the creator by simply existing within the given possibilities regarding
"seed and reaping" (as long as there is nobody in the way, who feels the need to perform "genetic modification").

But nature is lacking consciousness.... well, is it?
(I would like to hear Eckhart Tolle's opinion about that...)

but thank you very much for your detailed reply, cheers :thumbup
ManInTheMirror  Wrote:01-18-2014 01:37 PM

Worship works both ways. It's more like respect for one another. Even though an insect might not know what it is surrounded by, it still respects that it is living and experiencing. it has no judgement on what it is surround by, because it most likely might not even be aware of it. Humans and a few other creature have learned to become aware of them selves and the actions that they have taken. We have always "worshipped" something without even being aware of its presence. But the "Worship" has been returned by experience the different vibrational frequencies to keep the motor running so to speak. Our Sun. If we lower our vibrational frequency enough, it will start to have consequences upon this rock, as it is living and breathing in a different manner than we do. Lower the frequency, the colder it will get. Raise the frequency, the warmer it becomes. I believe once we gain a balanced vibrational frequency, things will begin to get a lot better upon this rock. In stead of the out balance show we are having at the moment. Destroying the rock, is in all essence destroying our selves. But our memory will always remain, since this is what the great ocean of life holds.

And your welcome. Will be looking forward to you next Response or Question Heartflowers

Be well.

 Drunkn Monkx  Wrote: (01-20-2014 01:01 PM)
Greetings ManInTheMirror,

after a very busy weekend I finally got back to your thread to reply - sorry for the delay;

(*1) This corresponds in an odd way with an "idea" that came to my mind during a contemplation years ago:
What if the whole universes, every existence, is in "reality" a giant body of a giant "entity" and therefore everything existing is a bodypart so to speak?
Planet Earth is the heart of that entity with living organisms who are let's say "cells" of
that Planet Heart, the place where Love is supposed to reside....

But in reality, how much Love resides on Planet Heart actually?

Here is a question to everybody and maybe the headline to another thread:
Do you know what Love is?...

(*2) Maybe the reason why "the mind wants us to worship it" is a progressive awareness that there must be a kind of "higher principle" who is responsible for a state called "existence"...

I consider your explanations regarding "vibrational frequencies" as related to my response (*1) above.
As an interesting sidenote, the frequency is measured in "Hertz".
Hertz is phonetically identical to the german word "Herz" which means Heart....
An interesting question comes to my mind:
Is there a relationship between frequency and love ?

So, here are my few cents for today - let's keep up this spiritual journey to Life...
ManInTheMirror  Wrote:01-21-2014 12:53 PM

Hello again Drunk'n Monkx,

I hope it was a good weekend :) No need to apologize, You arrive at precisely the moment you went meant to. chuckle

I love the way you describe it. To ponder it to long, our mind can get lost with the continuous never ending loop, that brings us back to the original starting point.

As to your first question. Do you know what love is?

I actually had another guy ask me this very similar question. But rather "what is love?".

He of course wanted to know the scientific term, which is this

But I gave him this answer instead.

Love Is but emotion that one experiences.
Love can not be defined with words, because down the very essence of what love is, is just a high vibrational frequency the body produces when feeling really good about something. In other words the water inside of us starts vibrating extremely fast giving one a tingling sensation all over. It actually feels quite good, which is one reason why I let everyone know that they are loved, either by me, or some other stranger. As the Beetles song goes "all we need is love."

The opposite occurs when we hate. The water within us slows down and more sloshes all over the place, causing our body feel like it wants to explode. And sometime usually does with an outburst of violence.

If we can bring back the balance within all around us, we will evolve to all new heights we never thought possible. And in the process trying not to end up like cyborgs. chuckle

As to your second question, "Is there a relationship between frequency and love ?"

I believe I just answered it above. Yes because frequency is associated with the word love. But I believe you might already have known that.

As to the planet heart, this was something similar to what I had posted on my blog, The secret how to heal ourselves. It to has run through my mind many times...Too many chuckle Infinite....

I love the question by the way, They are sort of what I was expecting. But there is so much more I can show you all, by what I have and am seeing. I have decided to leave my four page story on this topic for now, Because I am have having many new ideas to add to it. So sorry for the delay in case any one was wanting to read it, But this is by far a more interesting way of knowing what I know and all of you know intuitively.

Thanks for post the link to that thread here too, I was going to ask, but you posted before me lol. Funny that a lot of this type of stuff is being pinned all of a sudden. More than usual Heartflowers

We are getting there I believe

Great chatting again Drunk'n Monkx.

Keep up the good questions.

P.S. Sorry about the grammar or spelling, bit tired lately, boss has the whip out, ever since I posted this thread actually??? Actually I would like to ask you a question.
Do you find when you attempt to talk to people about this kind of stuff, to any one, that destractions seem to just come from no where all the time? Happens to me a lot lately chuckle I even have computer trouble every time I have something important to write or say to someone, always at the right time lol. Oh yes, I am paying attention


 Drunkn Monkx  Wrote: (01-23-2014 01:29 PM)
I'm back on track ManInTheMirror and here we go,

so now it seems that this thread turned to be a dialog between both of us, but anyway,
maybe there are other visitors just lurking and reading.

Yeah, I know lots of people who try to explain love or happiness with some hormonal conditions inside of the body but are failing to define the etiological context thereof,
the trigger for the body to produce those hormons that is.

It seems to me that your answer above makes sense regarding those hormonal conditions -> could be the way "it" works.
ManInTheMirror  Wrote:01-25-2014 04:46 AM

Hi Drunk'n Monkx,

It seems we are, but I believe there are many just watching what we are saying. It will be like a curiosity thing.

It's actually the only thing i could write at that moment. Another way was, if you get two magnets, and try to put two positive or negatives together, They both resist, but can not resit each other at the same time, because of the higher vibrations when one gets closer to the other. This is the feeling we enjoy. Then if we put two opposites, the vibrations are smaller and therefore connect. BUT....the connection is not as strong between both opposites. IF...the two positives or negatives ever connect. This is the moment sparks fly, so to speak. The strength of two become one. (inseparable) You can define this with relationships as well. I can go a lot further with that. But will leave it at that for now.

Quote:a secret and a mystery indeed - how does it work?
In my opinion it is an interaction between Love, Frequency and Belief - once this interaction is fully understood, we have the chance to explain why and how the so called Placebo-effect works.
(reminds me of the parable of the camel and the needle eye)

Belief is a huge part of everything. When everything is run on a thought based system.

As to how does it works. Pretty self explanatory really. The higher ones vibrational frequency, the faster one heals. As to the opposite when our vibrational frequency is low. All it really does is train the mind to think positive more. But one always must remember, keep the negative within one's self hidden away, Because that is the strength that holds everything together. Some people will tell us to remove all negativity, but if one does this we become week, and will not be able to defend ones self when necessary from predators.

Quote:I would appreciate to see what you're seeing, keep up the good work!
Having said this I think it would be time to flavor this thread with a nice cup o' doom -
water-doom that is.... chuckle

Mankind is running out of its most important ressource besides breathable air, potable water.
There is loads of information out there about that topic but too many people don't take that problem serious enough...

See What I am seeing hey....interesting, no one has ever asked that before!
But I have written about it before chuckle
Here some threads that might help you with that, save me writing it all over again :)



I am over that thread now, But that is only a taste of what I see. What I am seeing all the time is everything people do not normally pay attention to. Everything my supposedly called sensors can see, hear, touch, taste, smell and intuition I pay attention too. it may seem a lot to some, but I am use to it.

Even when I stare so close to myself, I can see many, many little tiny organisms within my eyes. looking like they are all dancing and connecting and separating from each other at a nice steady to fast pace. Pretty to watch if you can ever see it. I first noticed this when i was out side once, looking at a blue sky. A way to begin seeing it maybe? I can see it any time I wish to now.

I hope that's what you meant, and enough. I got much more of course. chuckle

Quote:Same experience here, it seems as if there is some kind of "energy" trying to avoid
that kind of chatter - sometimes very strange...

I am glad I am not the only one then. And it is exactly as you say... It's like someone or something doesn't want us to talk about it. Why, what or who... is a mystery on its own? But I am paying attention, as you are to obviously Heartflowers

Great to hear from you again. It has been hard to find others that think in similar ways, and want to know more, knowing that will never get to an answer, as there will only be more questions.

And that was pretty much it. There are more videos to watch if you go onto the link above.

Take great care.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Information Overload!

                     Woody Harrelson 'Ethos' - Epic Documentary! - Time to Unslave Humanity

Hello to all again,

Information overload time, Enjoy ;)

 The opening statements in this film will be offensive to many viewers. It's a total joke but some may not take it that way. If you have "sensitive ears", I suggest covering them for the first 60 seconds because the rest is certainly a worthwhile, fascinating and swift breakdown of every conspiracy theory under the Sun - but compacted into half an hour - which is quite an achievement!

Don't Watch This Film

Don't watch this film website

Quote:Erich von Däniken’s Spaceman-Gods

One of the most successful and influential of all Bad Archaeologists is the Swiss former hotelier, Erich von Däniken (born 1935). He caused controversy in the late 1960s with his popularization of what has become known as the ‘ancient astronaut hypothesis’, although he was by no means the first to propose it. His first book, Chariots of the Gods?, published in 1967 after no fewer than twenty-two rejections, became a worldwide bestseller, thanks in no small part to its tone: a strident attack on hide-bound academia by one who dared to speak his mind. He was not the first fringe writer to adopt this stance and he has not been the last: expert bashing has become an important cultural cliché over the past half century or so. The ups and downs of his career have seen him arrested for fraud, become a global media personality and, ultimately, made him wealthy through the sale of over sixty million copies of his books. He has consistently claimed that the remains of ancient cultures can only be explained by extraterrestrial interventions in human history.

Quote:The Mesopotamian History


Millennia ago the fertile low lands in the river basins of Euphrates and Tigris was the home land of a rich and complex society. These civilizations were saved from oblivion by the unexpected discovery in the previous century of complete libraries in the archeological remains. Thousands of clay tablets, written in a cuneiform writing system, are buried deep under the ruins of ancient cities, when they were sacked and set into fire. The clay tablets, usually only sun-dried and stored on (inflammable) wooden shelves, are often inadvertently baked while a city was destroyed and treasures were removed. Clay was not valuable to treasure hunters and robbers in later times and clay tablets (at least until the 19th century CE) were left untouched and thus saved for eternity.

The branch of science dealing with the study of ancient civilizations in the Near East is called Assyriology, named after an Assyrian empire uncovered by the first archeological excavations. This empire is now known as the New Assyrian empire in the first millennium BCE.


The center of the periodic chart of elements consists of what are known as the "transition elements," meaning that they can transit from metallic to monatomic or diatomic via chemical treatment or through other means (what some would refer to as "shadow chemistry" or "arcane chemistry" or even "alchemy"). Take gold for example. When you have two or more gold atoms in a microcluster, it will have metallic properties, but if you have only one atom, it will then have ceramic properties, which means that it becomes chemically inert but at the same time will have superconductive capabilities even at room temperature. The weight of these amazing materials can also change by heating, becoming lighter, even to the point of levitation. Because it is chemically inert, it can be ingested for health, wellbeing and super-energizing at the cellular level.

Not only do our cells communicate via chemicals and electricity in our nervous system, they also communicate intercellularly through the exchange of photons or light particles and other processes, as well. The human body is a marvelous bioelectric machine, and all of its processes depend on the clear and (ideally) unimpeded conduction of electrical "messages" required to carry out those processes. Light, as proven by fiber optics, can carry more and actually "purer" information. As mentioned above, these materials are superconductive, and therefore change our bodies at the cellular level, from our organs, muscles and tissues to our brain and nervous system, into superconductors of a greatly increased flow of photons, greatly increased because the materials themselves are in a sense "liquid (or powdered) light." It's like installing 'gold tipped' wires on your brain synapse. Put another way, you could say that monatomics transform the body's "wiring" from being simple copper cable to being wired with fiber-optics, where the same "width" of wiring is able to carry 1,000 times as much 'processing' information.


What is the White Powder?

The white powder is comprised of a group of elements in a monatomic state. Hudson calls them "ORMES" for "Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements." This is a new form (phase) of matter with entirely different physical properties from normal elements. Conventional chemistry texts have been of little value in explaining ORMEs. Several scientists have started studies of such matter although, to the author's knowledge, none has yet developed a satisfactory theory explaining the phenomena. To date, Hudson's discoveries have neither been conclusively confirmed nor rebutted by independent investigators.

ORMEs are naturally occurring in certain volcanic soils dating back to a geological event which occurred about 60 million years ago. Such soils are present throughout the western United States. Soils which are considered rich in these elements might contain up to six percent of this material. The remaining 94 percent or more of the material is ordinary dirt comprised mainly of silicon compounds. Initial processing consists of removing the dirt to get the residue. The residue comprises ORMEs or the white powder.

Because of the unique and valuable physical properties of ORMEs, there has developed a desire to produce them from the metallic form of the elements. In other words, there are reasons to convert metallic precious elements to ORMEs. Hudson told the author that he had found ways to do this although he said that the cost of doing so was prohibitively expensive. The reason for the high cost is due principally to the high, per-ounce cost of most precious metals. The process itself is not particularly expensive. But it is much less expensive to start with natural material and to then simply remove the ordinary elements from the natural material to get pure ORMEs matter.

Because the percentage of ORMEs in certain, particularly rich volcanic soils is so high (up to 6 percent) in comparison with normal high-grade ore (up to 0.0015 percent), there is considerable interest by mining companies in the technology required to convert ORMEs to their metallic form. The yield increases by a factor of more than 4000. According to Hudson (and confirmed by an independent source,) no mining company has figured out how to do this. Hudson says the processing technique is highly proprietary and will not be disclosed. An independent source in the mining industry says it's an impossibility and that many investors have lost millions trying.

Quote:What's This All About?

Welcome to the website devoted to addressing the claims of the ancient astronaut hypothesis popularized in the writings of Zecharia Sitchin. Who's behind this site? My name is Mike Heiser. Who am I? The short answer is that I'm a scholar of biblical and ancient Near Eastern languages, cultures, and religions. Why do I bother with this stuff? Because I don't like ancient texts manipulated to promote false claims. If I were a lawyer I'd feel professionally obligated to tell you if someone was giving you bad legal advice. If I was a medical doctor, I'd owe you the truth if I knew the medicine you were taking was bogus or could kill you. If I was an accountant, I'd let you know if a neighbor's tax advice could put you in jail. I'm none of those things, but take the analogy to heart. I'm trying to provide the same service in my areas of expertise. I can tell you--and show you--that what Zecharia Sitchin has written about Nibiru, the Anunnaki, the book of Genesis, the Nephilim, and a host of other things has absolutely no basis in the real data of the ancient world. I don't doubt that Zecharia Sitchin is a nice guy; he's just wrong. Nothing personal.
 A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races - A Typology of the most Significant Extraterrestrial Races Interacting with Humanity

Quote:2. Extraterrestrial Races Cooperating with the Military-Industrial-Extraterrestrial Complex

Short Grays

The extraterrestrial races in this group include the ubiquitous Grays from the star system Zeta Reticulum and the Orion Constellation who are described in most of the abduction research and who figure prominently in reports of UFO crashes. Col Phillip Corso served in the Eisenhower administration and later headed the Foreign Technology Desk at the U.S. Army's Research and Development Department, and is yet another long serving military official who became a whistleblower on the secret extraterrestrial presence. In his memoirs, he claims to have witnessed the body of a dead 'Gray' retrieved from Roswell in 1947 that fit the classic description of a four foot tall extraterrestrial with a large head, large black almond shaped eyes, thin torso and spindly arms and legs. A classic description is by Travis Walton who had an abduction experience with the Grays:

They were very short, shorter than five feet, and they had very large bald heads, no hair. Their heads were domed, very large. They looked like fetuses. They had no eyebrows, no eyelashes. They had very large eyes - enormous eyes - almost all brown, without much white in them. The creepiest thing about them were those eyes. Oh, man, those eyes, they just stared through me.

Nibiru and the Anunnaki

Quote:s world events continue to unfold, more and more will witness the ugliness of the predominance of bullying behaviour. The rulers of the stronger nations are forcing their will upon the weaker nations and will become more demanding and unreasonable. Nation states are using an enormously oppressive power much like that of masters over slaves.

History is repeating itself – again. There was once a super race of aliens known to the ancient people of the Earth as the Anunnaki. For many reasons, the Anunnaki have been reduced in power today. This race of beings thrives on conquest and enslavement of those who are under them.

This is my account of the story of Nibiru and the Anunnaki:

In recent years, there have been many speculative writings about Planet X, which is also known as Planet Nibiru. Most of these writings are based somewhat on Zecharia Sitchin’s book, The Twelfth Planet. Sitchin, like Velikovsky and Darwin, used his respective theories to support his claims. A question arises: Is Nibiru real? The answer to that is a resounding "Yes".

Snow White In DNA Format

Quote:The code of real DNA consists of 64 combinations of "codons", which are groupings of 3 "nucleotide" molecules of which there are 4 varieties. These are symbolized by T, C, A, and G, the first letters of their chemical names. These 64 combinations (TTT, TTC, TTA ... GGA, GGG) code for the 20 amino acids that make up all proteins. As there are more than 3 times as many combinations than are minimally needed to code for the amino acids, there is quite a bit of redundancy in the code, with in one case 6 different combinations coding for the same amino acid. (This is a protective feature.) There are also 2 combinations that indicate a specific gene is beginning and 3 that indicate its end (within the very much longer "double helix" chains of DNA).

The Ark of the Covenant

Quote:The Ark of the Covenant may have looked similar to this chest (found in the Tomb of Tutankhamun).

The Bible describes the Ark as made of shittah-tree wood (acacia), known to the Egyptians as the Tree of Life and an important plant in traditional medicine containing in many cases psychoactive alkaloids. It was 1.5 cubits broad and high, and 2.5 cubits long, conforming to the golden ratio. The Ark was covered all over with the purest gold. Its upper surface or lid, the mercy seat, was surrounded with a rim of gold.

The Sumerians

Quote:Sun worship goes back to the first civilization known to man, the Sumerians. Sumer consisted of about a dozen independent city-states that had no political unity. The cities fought constantly among themselves, each trying to control the others. The Sumerians believed that their cities belonged to their gods. For this reason the temple was not only a place of worship but also their center of government, trade, and sometimes education.

The Sumerians came from the east perhaps as early as 3,000 B.C, to the swamps at the head of the Persian Gulf. As they were establishing themselves in this area they drained the swamps, developed cuneiform, the earliest form of writing, and invented the wheel. The Sumerians eventually divided themselves into little self-governed city-states.


Quote:Ancient kingdom in Mesopotamia, lasting from approximately the 18th century until the 6th century BCE. The rulers of Babylonia were of the Amoritic people.
The Babylonian society was both an urban society and an agricultural one. The economy rested upon agriculture, but governance, industries and fine arts were carried out in the cities. In the entire kingdom there were no more than about 10-15 cities with 10,000 to 50,000 inhabitants. Apart from that, people lived in villages and hamlets.
The Babylonian heartland was between the rivers Euphrates and Tigris, but at its largest the kingdom extended to the entire populated Middle East.

 The beginnings of the Internet


History 1302
Study Questions for Edward Bernays, Selections from Propaganda (1928)


Media, Psychology & Culture Creation




Advertising and Marketing – Bill Hicks


Rubbing their Dirty Hands together for the next War: The Spin Masters


Military Plans to Control Internet Revealed


The Curious Invisibility of Military Cyberpower


Mass Mind Control
Through Network Television
Are Your Thoughts Your Own?




Propoganda and mind control




Ten extraordinary Pentagon mind experiments


Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons


There's a good start For you all, Now go forth and learn boys and girls

Much love to all