Tuesday, 16 June 2015

This is my final food for thought!

Creating a paradox

 The wisest person alive, knows that they know nothing at all.

Behind the thought is nothing-ness. A thought is always replaced by another.
The void is nothing-ness, darkness, empty of all conscious thought. 
Therefor we know nothing, even a God it self knows this. And knows it knows nothing, as a thought can always replace the original thought.

Therefor a god can not entirely exist until it has been thought of as being a god, that truly knows nothing at all.  If it did, it would not know what it really is. 

We became apart of the thought process, and as the water of life holds memory, it becomes a hard drive for all the thoughts. Therefor it was never a word that was spoken first, it was originally a thought before the word. A collective thought put together from a hard drive which is a water droplet (universe). When this droplet of water can hold no more thoughts, it divides it self into another droplet (universe) That has the memory from the previous droplet, and can hold more memory until this droplet fills up with more thoughts. This process happens again and again. Infinite times. Each droplet bigger than the last, filling the void of thoughts. Thoughts are merely a series of vibrations, sending information to other vibrations. But essentially all apart of the original thought (vibration). 
And vibrations create light. Light becomes the thought, (Consciousness).

This leaves a question, does free will exist?
 The mind says yes, but the heart says no. For free will to exist, it must be thought of first. So the only way free will can exist, is for it to be no thought at all. Because one thought is controlling another thought. So the only way to be free is to not think at all. No good, no bad, no right, no wrong. This is freedom, and peace of mind. No consequence for any action taken. If any of these things are not allowed, you have no free will, because of yours or someones, or somethings thought. Thoughts are controlling everything we do, say or feel.

Any one that does this, is immediately put in a prison or mental home. Someone or something does not want anything to have free will.  Even animals have lost their free will. And will be destroyed or removed and put away. 

You free will has been removed by thought............

Ponder this for a while, and you will find in your heart to be true.

Signed by:
A simple thought

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