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How to make money from nothing!

Hi everyone,

I thought I would leave on a little dilemma the banks cannot argue with.

The Question is, can you make money from nothing?

Here’s a story ONLY……

One day I get a letter in the mail. It’s from the taxation office. They say I owe them $600 dollars, because I have not declared money that has been sitting in an account gaining interest. So I decide to not pay the $600 dollars, and contest the bill, saying that I should not have to pay them anything.

Court day arrived. The judge says, “On what grounds do you wish not to pay this fine?”
I say to the judge “because I did not earn the money, it came from nothing, and it was a gift from the bank for having an account with them. I earned the money I put into the account, but did not earn any money they put in their extra.”
The judge says “The law states you have to declare all earnings, even interest from a bank, as it is declared as earnings.”
So I asked, “The bank creates money from nothing, I mean all they do is print money out that is basically worthless plastic, which holds no value beside the plastic it was printed on. They turn numbers into plastic sheets. Therefore they make something from nothing? Is this allowed?”

Now here’s where it gets tricky for the judge. 

The judged could answer as “this is correct” which allows for me to reply “Well then if a bank can make something from nothing, then I must be allowed to as well without it costing me a cent? Because it is not costing the bank anything to change numbers on a computer. Therefore I earned something from nothing as well. And should not have to pay my $600 dollars as it was not earned and was given as a gift, for putting my money into their account, which I might add, they make a lot more interest off my money alone?
Judge has no other option to close the case, and no fine will be charged ever again on anyone’s money, if it was not earned, and given to a person as a gift for being with that bank.

But the Judge could also answer as “But it against the law to not pay a fine to the taxation department, regardless of whether the money comes from nothing, and was a gift.”
So I say, so it’s okay for a bank to make something from nothing, but not okay for the average person like you and me.
The judge replies “I know it does not sound fair, but the law is the law. You owe the taxation department $600 dollars.”
So I say “okay, that’s fair enough then. So I will pay the $600 dollars, but I also wish to sue the bank, for all the money I have ever paid on interest on any loan I have ever made with all my banks. Because Now I know it’s against the law to make something from nothing. And the banks do this; therefore they have broken their own law. So I will sue them for $6000 dollars for all interest paid on my loans, thank you”

Case closed

Then here's something to ponder For Australians, But is the same for majority of countries.

Is tax voluntary?

Quick answer, No.

BUT.......As it states HERE

Quote:As is demonstrated here, the income tax statutes clearly require the payment of income taxes. There is nothing voluntary about it.

It is true that the IRS itself frequently states that it relies on the “voluntary compliance” of taxpayers. But anyone who relies on that to say that the income tax is voluntary is confusing two different things: the legal duty to pay the tax and the method of enforcing that duty relied upon by the IRS.

It does say voluntary compliance. What this does mean, is that any person has the right to pay the minimal amount of tax. Regardless of what you earn.

Now for Australians, this means that we can pay a minimum of 19 cents in the dollar. As stated HERE

Quote:Taxable income Tax on this income Effective tax rate
0 – $18,200 Nil 0%
$18,201 – $37,000 19c for each $1 over $18,200 0 – 9.7%
$37,001 – $80,000 $3,572 plus 32.5c for each $1 over $37,000 9.7 – 21.9%
$80,001 – $180,000 $17,547 plus 37c for each $1 over $80,000 21.9 – 30.3%
$180,001 and over $54,547 plus 45c for each $1 over $180,000 30.3 – 44.9%

Keeping in mind that first $18.201 is tax free.

Now to prove a point that is does not matter how much you earn, and any one has the right to pay minimal tax. Is an example right HERE

Quote:For the Prime Minister, who earns a salary of $500,000, the deficit tax charge will force him to pay $6400 in extra taxes.

Now hang on, lets do the math here. 19 cents in the dollar, times by $500.000 equals $95.000 dollars??????? Do you really think they pay this amount? Of course they don't it's actulally less.
Do you see what is going on here. This guy Tony Abbot want what is fair for everyone, but he only owes the tax department $6400 dollars in extra taxes on $500.000.

It doesn't take a genius here to work out who is really getting the raw end of the deal.

If its going to be fair for everyone, it needs to be FOR EVERYONE. This does not include all the benefits these people receive while pretending to run the country with their bribe money, to shut up about the current system.

I will leave it at that for the moment. And let you all have a think about this.

I still ,and have always wanted to vote republic, other wise we will all continue to be dragged down by these, well there is no other word but the criminals that run it now.

Lets see what they have to say about this, and lets see them use the word FAIR again after this. chuckle Show me any where this is fair for the Australian people. or even the Americans, and so on, and so on.

Oh, wait a minute I might need some more of this fluoridated water. I am getting out of line again hey??
 But It does not end there.

We can actually remove our selves from the system, it just becomes one big head ache, as this guy is finding out.
FAQ on Removing Ourselves From Fiat Monetary System

But in the end, it can be done.

What one must realize, is we are currently living in a fraudulent system.

Everything is just about illegal these days. Hell, even fighting against the system is illegal, and one can be labeled as a terrorist for doing such a thing.

Why else do you think they created the 9/11 incident, they new people were waking up to the system fast. So they had to come up with a plan to force the new law in. Now anyone who tries to fight or stand up against the system can be dealt with according to their laws.

If this is the case, then why am I doing this. Because frankly I don't give a sh$t about these people any more, as they seem to think the same about us innocent people who get forced into all their crap. That's right I said forced. We can start with an illegal document if you want. Birth Certificate being one.

Lose The Name, Win The Game

This is the most important thing to remember right now, anything we register, is rightfully theirs to own. According to their illegal document's. they have the right to sell anything you register, even including yours and my children. That's how sick these people are. Sadly to take my children from me, they would create the end of this system. Not only that, I have the right to defend my children at all cost. Even if they attempt to by force, I can and would use force in return. It always works both ways. 
 For those that are interested, here is a brilliant read.

The World Conquerors
The Real War Criminals

And then there is this.

Follow The Money, A Handbook
 What we become aware of, can no longer control us.

Take good care all of you. My love goes to you all.

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