Thursday, 6 October 2011

Is this a dream or vision?

Is this a dream or vision?

Now we hear a lot on prophesies and predictions and end times. Now I am not going to say this is either, it is only for you to decide. This dream or vision I had is going back 7 and half years ago now (2004), before I had children, but I still remember as if it were yesterday. I have told only a few people of this dream/vision only because of its disturbing context. Now I am not doing this to alarm any one, But I would really like to hear some of your thoughts on the matter.

I have even told a very spiritual person about this dream/vision also, and he stopped me half way through of telling him, because he said that he had heard the dream before, by an aboriginal. To make him prove it, I ask him what happened next, and funny enough, he told me. Now this made me very surprised. How could someone have the exact same dream, and if it was not exact, it was extremely close to mine. So after I tell you this dream or vision, I want anyone else to come forward, and tell me if they have had a similar or same dream/vision.

I will tell you exactly how the dream/vision went, like I said it's still implanted into my mind as if I had it last night. The reason I call it a dream or vision, is well, you will find out after reading it. I don't think my mind can determine whether it was real or not.


When I went to bed this night, I did the usual thing, and tried to relax my mind, and then of course fell asleep. I woke up in the morning, and did my usual thing, went to the toilet, washed my hands and face, put some deodorant on, then I started to get things ready, as we were having the family over. Now as I was preparing things, such as the food, I felt something was not quite right about this day. I was aware of everything around me, and I could still touch, smell, taste, and hear. But when I looked out the window, I realized I was not in (Kansas) anymore, So to speak. At this time I was living in South Australia. But when I looked out the window, I was in a totally different place. Now S.A was a pretty dry state, but what I was looking at was all green and large hills everywhere. At this time I was noticing something was definitely not right. And it sort of freaked me out, but I was still calm, trying to process what was happening. I thought the usual thing that I must be dreaming. So I pinched myself, and nothing. I even went as far as to kick the wall, and it hurt my foot, so I could still feel pain. Now I was thinking, did I wake up, or is this what happens when we die. Sort of like a purgatory, a place between worlds. I thought if I just continued on what I was doing, that it would all go away. So I went back to preparing the food. Trying my hardest to ignore what was going on outside. My house was still the same, just the outside was different. Just in case you were wondering.

When my fiancĂ© woke up, I said to her straight away, "can you just check out side, and make sure everything is normal" Of course she looked at me with puzzlement, so she looked outside, and she didn't notice anything wrong. "What?" I said, so I looked out again, and said to her, “you don't see that everything is green and large hills everywhere.” She looked at me funny again, and said "are you alright" I said "what do you mean am I alright, Can you not see everything is different?" She said "what do you mean it's always been like that?" Ok, now this was really weird, I was beginning to think I was in some sort of twilight zone, and I was the one going nuts.

 Still not being able to get my head around that everything was different; I tried to continue preparing the food. Just thinking, this has got to be some sort of dream or nightmare, and was waiting for something to come out from anywhere at any time, saying surprise your on candid camera. But no such thing happened. It got close to lunch time, and I had finally prepared everything, and our family started to rock up. I was even looking at them, waiting for them to say surprise, but to them everything seemed normal. So to stop them from thinking I was crazy, I shut my mouth.

While we were sitting outside on the patio, we could see the ocean between two hills, sort of like a V shape, and then the rest was hills all around. I kept looking out to the ocean, only because I had never lived so close to it, and it was very beautiful to look at. In the distance I started to notice, there was a black cloud coming in from the ocean way. I thought great, looks like it’s going to rain soon. As I was watching this cloud coming in, I Started noticing it was coming in quite fast. Then when it got a little closer, it started to look like it was on top of the ocean as well. And it was, and coming at an incredible pace. It reached the V shape in the hills, and now I knew this was no ordinary cloud. I told everyone to get into the house as quick as possible; everyone was just like, Why? I pointed to the cloud and said, “Run now.”

 We all ran inside, and went into a room in the middle of the house, a big pantry, with no windows only the door. Within a moment, we heard this massive rumble sound, and the house was shaking. As if it was an earthquake. I could hear everything smashing about. After about a minute it stopped. I open the door a little to peek out, and there was hardly any house left at all. I opened the door, and everyone was in a panic state; but for some reason, I was still pretty calm. Then as we stepped outside the pantry, I looked up, and could only see black. As I was staring at this blackness I realized it was moving. Then a bit of the smoke cleared, and it was this huge space craft right above us. I could not even see the edges it was so big. All of a sudden, I had this feeling that I knew what was going on, and told everyone to stand still in this one spot, and within a moment we were inside this space craft. We were in like a big round room, and there were many other people in there also, all seated down on the chairs that were everywhere. I told my family to sit down. Why myself, being curious. I had to find out what was going on.

So I walked around this craft, not really knowing where I was going. Everything was shiny and spotless. Sort of like a silvery black color. I couldn't find any doors; it all looked the same everywhere I was going. Sort of like a one path labyrinth that seem to be going nowhere. Then I came to a big opening. It was sort of like a big cockpit, there were three chairs, and a huge screen with hardly any buttons. Then I saw a hand press the screen, so I went over to the chairs to see who was flying this thing. Their they were, three men sitting there looking at me, all had blonde hair, and very blue eyes, and looked very much like us. They just have a few different factual features, so they didn't look exactly the same, but did look like triplets.

I asked one of them, what was going on, and where are we going?, the one in the middle chair turned and face me and began talking, but was not moving his mouth; but for some reason, I just thought that this was normal, considering we always hear about aliens using telepathy. He said to me, “we are taking you to our home for a while, as your earth has become inhabitable." We will bring you back of course, when things calm back down on your planet." So happy with that answer, I asked if I could look outside, so I could see what was going on. He said, "Its best you don't, we will show you our planet when we get close if this will please you" So happy with that, I kept quiet. All of a sudden, the space craft began to shack vigorously; I ask what was going on? He said “we are just going through your atmosphere, no need to worry" Then it stopped shacking. At this time now, I had a feeling that this was a dream, so I tried my hardest to wake myself up. This is where I felt myself on my bed, but as I was trying to wake up, I could not move my body at all, like I was paralyzed completely. This is the only time where I knew I must be dreaming, and then what felt like only a moment, he turned to me and said "we are here, would you like to see our planet?" "Yes" I said straight away. And with that, right in front of us, the screen began to open, from the inside outwards, and there it was; a very large and beautiful planet. It looked very similar to ours, except the size was much larger, well it looked like it from where we were. I noticed straight away there were 2 suns. One that looked twice the size of ours, and one about 1/4 of the size of that sun, but this one was more of an orange red type color. As we got closer I realized that everything was a lot greener, and could not see cities everywhere, like here. They closed the screen up again, and what felt like a moment again, we were on the ground.

I went back to find my family, and we exited the space craft, this time walking down a very large ramp. It was beautiful! Trees every, and weird bird calls in the back ground, but beautiful sounds. The air smelled so clean and could even smell the trees and plants all together, and gave it a very soothing and very relaxing smell. We walked in too what looked like a very large cafeteria, chairs everywhere, and thousands of people, all from here, I assumed. They were all sitting down and eating.

Another man came up to me, also with blonde hair to his shoulders, and brown eyes, and looked very different to the ones flying the space craft. He said "would you like to get some food and have a seat, please help yourself to anything we have to offer, you are our guest." I said "thank you very much" and with that said, I did feel quite hungry, so I went to all the food that was spread out. There was so much to pick from, I didn't know where to start, and it all looked so yummy. A lot looked similar to what we have here, but there was a lot that looked nothing like here, in particular the fruits, they really caught my eye, with all the beautiful colors. There were also beautiful pictures up everywhere, with many different and bright colors. I had the feeling of being totally overwhelmed. And very relaxing music playing in the background, with pipes and flute sounds. It was truly a very relaxing place.

Anyway, after grabbing a plate full of all this beautiful food, I went and sat down with my family. As soon as I sat down, the man that welcomed me in came up and said, "Well, you must be hungry? I hope you are going to eat all of that?" I said “I am going to give it my best" And he smiled and walked away. As I began to eat, what looked like steak, but white? It was the best meat I had ever tasted, and I have always been a big meat eater. The flavors were a bit like chicken but with a very beautiful fruity taste, and melted in my mouth. I got to the second piece, and something was not right. I looked around and most people had tiny amounts of food on their plates. I started to get a very weird feeling of becoming full. This was not good, considering I had heaps left on my plate. Then I had to stop, I could not eat any more. That man came back over, and said "is something wrong?" I said "well yes, I can't seem to eat anymore" He looked at me and smiled again, and said "the reason for this is because we have modified our food this way, so that you only need small amounts, as it expands inside your stomach. We have signs up saying not to take too much, but you obviously missed them.” Well feeling a little embarrassed, I said "what a great idea," and then he walked away again. I had a quick look around again, and noticed a day calendar on the wall, which was on 24th of October 2011. I thought how could this be, did I time travel or something?

We all got shown to a room, it was a small room, enough for 2 people, but was decorated the same as the cafeteria, but this had a very soft carpet, that felt like walking on feathers, which was pretty cool. I was feeling very tired and decided to lie down. And with that I woke up, and it was morning.

When I woke up, the first thing's that went through my mind, was that a dream? Or was that real? I looked out side, and I was back to where I should be in S.A, Dry land. Now this was a relief. But had me wondering whether I was still dreaming or not.

 Now I Know this may seem like a big story, but to me it felt very real, and like I said, have only told a handful of people. Now I have decided to share with you guys and girls, to see if any others out there have had a similar experience, I would love to hear it. If there is anything you would like me to elaborate on, please ask. There is probably even grammar and spelling errors, if you feel you must point them out, go ahead.

Now I know this date may mean absolutely nothing, especially because it could have been there month, day and year, not ours. The only thing that has made this dream/vision even weirder is that, now I live in Queensland in the tropics, and all I see around me is hills. I cannot see the ocean from where I live, but when I came back from my job, which was up in the hills, I get to look over the whole town, and wouldn't you know it. There was the V shape in the hill, where you can see the ocean, and that crept me out a little, since it was exactly the same as the dream/vision.

Well that's all I will say for now, but I would love to hear your thoughts. Please be constructive with your thoughts and try not criticizing. It is in the end just a dream or vision, you decide?



  1. Interesting. Easiest way is to act like it was all a dream. But somehow that does not feel allright for me (maybe I learned something from your writings?). Perhaps you were allowed to a glimpse of the future, who can tell? Anyhow I was fascinated by the description of "what you experienced". And that's the most accurate description I can think of right now. Tnx for sharing.

  2. Hello again Hans,

    Yes, I do see it as a dream more than anything, But it sure was a confusing one. I could of added a little more, but was happy with that :)

    I will be posting some more soon, so stay tuned, I will try to post 4 a month.

    Thanks for replying

    and take great care


  3. Wow this lucid dream is kinda similar to one i had a couple years back. I woke up in my dream as i walking through these lush green rolling hills and it was a bit foggy or misty, then i noticed there were people in white robes all looking up at the sky. So i looked up and the dark clouds opened up and the people starting floating up into a bright light, i got kinda scared but right then an old man (for some reason i felt like i knew him or felt like a relative) comforted me and told me it was gonna be alright. Unfortunately i woke up soon after but when i woke up i felt a great peace overcome myself, it was really nice.
    Now im not a religious at all but the best picture i can find on the net has to do with the rapture, i really don't know what to think of it.
    I've had lucid dreams before but have never been able to induce them, they just happen. I've had other weird sleep things happen to me aswell.

  4. Hello Anonymous,

    This is what I wanted to know. I am sure there are many others out there that have had a similar experience. I wanted to see if there is any connections between them.

    I had a look at the picture and I see what you mean. Just maybe when the time comes we perceive to see what we believe in most, and that will be our outcome of what will take place?

    Either way thank you for sharing, very interesting indeed. If you ever feel up for a chat about your other dreams, please feel free to email me any time, and I will always respond as soon as I am able ;)

    Take care