Sunday, 2 October 2011

A little about myself

From an early age, I began nine years of intense martial arts training, called Zen Do Kai. Through my training by my master, Yen, I learned many techniques in addition to self-defense, things like healing by using mind control, pressure points and self-control. Seven of those years I trained myself and created my own fighting style that I have never taught anyone, but hope to teach my children if they wish to learn it. I have very rarely been sick throughout my life, other than a bit of the sniffles and a tickle in the throat that last's no longer than a day or two. As my master would say, a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. I guess by now, at age thirty-three, that must be true. 

I have been on the Internet for the last five years trying to figure out the problems of today's world, in hope that I could come up with some common sense ways to fix them. Until recently, I have rarely joined forum sites. I have come to realize there are a lot of problems, but with the ideas I have, hopefully someone of importance will listen.

My Master always told me that there will always be people after my heart, or soul as some may refer to it. If there are any people out there with that in mind, good luck. My heart is pretty solid. I do not feel pain like most do; I have learned to block it out, which has come in handy a few times. I would love to teach some people the things I have learned, but I can be a hard person, and it’s not so easy to earn my trust. I cannot teach those whose glasses are full, for example. 

There are two ways to gain my trust, and one is by answering a simple question. This question has been passed down to me to find those who use common sense. Those who can use their common sense are generally very trustworthy people (though not always). I always give people three chances in life, which means three chances to get the answer correct. Do not feel bad if you do not know the answer, I am sure you will get it eventually, it just takes some longer than others, thus is life. There are multiple answers to this question, but only one is correct. It is a common sense answer and from my viewpoint is above debate.
Now for the question...There is one thing that EVERY person CAN DO to make the world a better place, if not a perfect world. What is it?


  1. Everybody Love one another as there own kin in Life, That is Unconditional Love naturally without conditional attachments in the way of it.
    This maybe far from the correct one, But however I don't feel bad, I just learn from what I'm about to learn 4 The truth of the matter.
    In do time we all get the correct ways to heart & mind correctness, It takes time to get to perfection, "The master is the Student, hence The student is The Master."
    ENTROPY IS THE MIND TRAP OR PART OF A DECAYING SYSTEM OF NEGATIVITY WITH A FALSE FRONT OF POSITIVITY, When in reality it's negativity, The Mind Trap is a false front of negativity posing as POSITIVITY, To get out of MIND TRAP is too Use your HEART & MIND LIKE ON STARS WARS, 4 EXAMPLE, Luke Dad, There was Good in Him, Luke brought it out of him, So that darth Vader was no longer a bad person, THAT'S THE EXAMPLE, CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG HERE Mr. Philosophy?
    Anything that does not have COHESION, will not hold together or stick together, Because there nothing to attack the atoms No positive energy to hold them together, Positive attacks, negative pushes away, Because of Entropy, "The more Dimension there are, The Less Entropy.
    The world could be close to Perfect someday If people will see the Truth with there Hearts & Minds alike.

    I may not have the complete answer here, But however I'm on my way to the Truth of Life someday?
    I'm never here to debate anybody Only to Learn like a Student learns to become a Master, That's the Heart of the matter when applied to the MIND'S EYE of LIFE.
    Your Question> Now for the question...There is one thing that EVERY person CAN DO to make the world a better place, if not a perfect world. What is it? It is Learning to Love one another so that it becomes automatically Unconditional Love, with Heart & Mind applied by POSITIVITY Only, If this answer is almost there, then I've got a lot to still learn like we all have in Life, But remember without the Heart The mind can Trick you like fool who didn't go to school.

  2. Hello again,

    I am glad you are enjoying the read, as I just enjoyed what you wrote. You are a very positive person, and glad to have you aboard.

    The answer to the question is within the next post; My message to the world. But that is a part of it, But unfortunately not every one can love unconditionally, Which is a shame but true. This is something that every one can and does do with out even being aware of it ;)

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful comment


  3. Thank you Mr Philosophy, I will always enjoy Positive people like yourself, & your right in your reply to me mate!!! All people have the Power to be Unconditional @ Love rather than Conditional Love, UnConditional Love is The Perfect Best Only. Someday people sure get there, By the Heart First & for-most!!!

    Respectfully & Cheer's to all like minded & Hearted people of the World, & to: you my friend always The Best~!!!!~(O)_(O)~!!!!~

  4. What a very good guess Daniel :)

    One of the best first guesses I have heard so far.

    The answer is within the next post ;)