Sunday, 2 October 2011

Who are the deceivers?

Before reading further, do not take anything said here as fact. Listen to your own heart and intuition and the truth will reveal itself. I say this because my goal is to get most people to think as an individual, not mind controlled by another’s thoughts or suggestions. One of my mottos is believe what you want to believe, because in the end this is what will keep you strong.

With that out of the way, I will now explain about what and who the deceivers are. The deceivers of our world are very easily recognized. They are your leaders, in your religions, in the media, in the schools, in the music, and basically everywhere around you. I too have even been labeled a deceiver many times, but in the end all I do is speak from the heart, and let people decide for themselves what is true and not. I am not after followers; I am looking for individuals that use their own mind and not others. This may sound easier said than done. But it has been quite hard to find people that think for themselves, and even when I think I’ve found one, they show signs of being controlled by someone else’s thought’s or suggestions.  So how does one find someone who uses their own thoughts?  This is a tricky question, because from what I have seen since my time on the Internet, it’s likely that only 1% of the Internet world is not controlled by others.

So how can we tell a deceiver from a non-controlled person? The deceivers are masters of manipulation. They know exactly how to tell people what they want to hear. How they learned this was the same way I did, which is to listen to everyone and then after a couple of years you will eventually figure out what most of the population wants, and what they want to hear. There are many ways this can be done. One of the easiest ways I have seen since my time on this planet is a confession box. This is the fastest way into knowing what people think, and how people work. I did things the hard way, and just talked to anyone who was willing to talk. I have always had a natural gift of getting people to tell me their deepest thoughts. I also do the same as a priest does and keep it to myself. Every now and then people just need someone to lay all their thoughts upon, good or bad. I have always been that person that listens, and sometimes I’ll offer a little advice. But I always tell people not to believe what I am saying, because really even I don’t know.  It’s the people that do not tell you this; they are the deceivers, only because they believe that what they are teaching is the only true way.  The only true way I know is to listen to my own heart and intuition.

It is no different if a prime minister or president rambles off a whole heap of things they can do to help everyone just to get a vote. In reality, a lot of the things they promise cannot be achieved within their time frame, if ever. It’s all about telling the people what they want to hear. Now to most of you this is just obvious. If you do not know, well now you do. Deceivers work in a way where they put suggestions into your mind, then those suggestions begin to spread through you and then to your friends and so on. In the end we the ordinary people spread their messages. Once the suggestion has been put in place, it will be up to the followers to spread it, and they in return become deceivers them self.

Some people do not like the way I talk, because I too use this method of suggestion. The only difference is that I do not need you to follow or spread all of my writings, that choice is yours and yours alone. I believe if people were meant to know what I am teaching, it will be found because that person decided to read it, not because someone decided to share it with another. There has been only one message that I asked people to spread, only because I wanted it to reach the so-called important people of the world (and they know exactly who they are). It may be the cause for the riots today around the world, but that is something that was inevitable anyway.  So it would have made no difference if I posted the letter or not. Just in case the curiosity has gotten to you, and you wish to know what letter I speak of, it can be found here:
 Or the message above.

This letter was originally posted on a site called Above Top Secret.  But because of the ignorance of the owners on this site, they banned me three times. They didn’t just ban my account, but banned me from even looking at their site. The reasons for this, I do not know, and they never replied every time I got back in there using a proxy server to ask why. That to me is just pure deception and ignorance all at once. But then again the motto from their site is deny ignorance. That is quite funny because the thing I have learned from people is that most people do and say the opposite of what they are and mean, but enough about that.

I am all for freedom of speech and such, but in reality freedom of speech can cause wars.  Sometimes it can be bad as well, which I see a lot of on the Internet. Sometimes I wish people would keep their thoughts to them self, because they are not thinking of the repercussions of what they have said. I knew exactly what I wanted to get across with the letter above, and also knew the repercussions it would have. But the repercussions were already inevitable and already beginning. I always believe if people are being treated in a way they do not like, and there are others that feel the same way, then by all means stand up and say something. People will never know unless we do this.

The problem then lies with the deceivers. As I warned within the letter above, the deceivers think they are doing good as well, and will retaliate with force, and are quite capable of killing for it.  This is a similar thing that is happening with Libya and their president. Sometimes the deceivers believe so much that what they are doing is for the greater good, they do not see their actions, and how they are affecting others.  In the end they know that if people fear them, they can control. I believe this has happened to many people without them even knowing. Once people become afraid of something, there mind is even easier to manipulate. For example, a person can be convinced there is a war on terrorism, when in reality terrorism only comes from those who have been terrorized in the first place. It is most likely an excuse to generate more money, and allow access into a country where they want something they can’t have. 

Money has also been a contributing factor to deception. It’s kind of like a disease that takes control of the mind, then eventually all they see is money and it becomes their life.  Even my parents continue to try and get me to fall for the money disease that has control over them.  Like I mentioned before, the deceived then becomes the deceiver.

So as I said, there is no need to take anything I have said as fact, even though some of it may make sense to you, there is no need to spread it to others. People will look at this themselves, then decide from there whether what I am saying is true or not. So please don’t spread my letters, let fate take over, and I will do my best to spread it by myself. This is where people are being allowed to make their own choice to click and read. That is what life is about, making choices of our own, and not being forced upon you. 

The next time someone or something is pointing you in a direction, whether it be good or bad, be sure to know that whoever it may be has become a deceiver without even knowing it. It is very tricky and takes a lot of practice not to become a deceiver, but it can be done. I am no exception; I have done this also without knowing. Just let the advertisers advertise, and whoever sees it are the ones meant to see it. Even on the conspiracy sites, post the thoughts from your mind not others. Just maybe news has stuffed up a lot of things by telling people things that may or may not be true. That’s the same for advertising stuff that people may not want. But if people are trying to force it into your mind, remember who or what they are working for, which is the greatest deceivers on the planet, human or alien. All they want, and all they are after is your mind.  

I do realize some of you may be thinking, well how we are supposed to know anything? The only answer is, if you really want to know, you will find it on your own. It will always be there, written by the original person. The old saying goes, seek and you shall find. Sometimes people like it all handed to them; this of course is your choice. In reality, if no one really knows if it is true or not, why help spread it? The truth is always another’s truth, so unless you have used your own heart and intuition this is the only truth you will receive.  


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