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The Secret, How to Heal Ourselves!

The secret, How to heal ourselves!

The secret I am about to tell you is an ancient one. Before I tell you about this, it must only be used for good. When used for bad there will be severe consequences.  Sometimes when you think you may be doing good, it may be bad, and you will eventually find out the consequences by yourself.   How do you know when you are doing something good or bad? You don’t, you will only find out when you have done it. I am sorry I cannot tell you what will be good or bad, as we all have different abilities, and can control different things.  With practice you will come to learn what you can and cannot do. Most positive things work a lot faster, but there are some negative things that can work just as quick. So like I said be careful on what you want to do.  This method works differently for each individual, so I can only teach you how to do it, and you will learn the rest.

Before I continue, I will explain a little on how this works. Most of us know that everything is the power of thought. But how does the power of thought work? The only easiest way I can explain this, is as follows. 

When we look at the universe from this tiny world, we see lots of little lights and a vast empty black space. But what is behind that black space? The thing that is behind the black space is another dimension, or some may call it density. To help you understand a little more easily, inside of us there are many different parts and organs and so on. These different parts are in a sense, different galaxies, all a part of one universe, US.  Inside of us are many things keeping us alive, there are germs and antibodies to fight off the germs. There are cells that are always being replaced by other cells. There are organs to help all these germs, antibodies and cells move around in our body.  They all know what they are designed to do, without asking any questions, because they listen to a higher power, which they may believe is a God, or may believe it to be energy, or may not even know that.  That just do it, because that is all they know.   
So who is this higher power they listen too? It is US, we are the ones that control everything in our body and we don’t even have to be aware of it. Because our inner self does this automatically, and has done this from the moment that spark of life began in the womb of our mother.  Just like the heart knew what to form into, by reading our DNA. 
 So there is no longer for us to be aware of it, as it is all controlled by itself. Now what if you became aware of this, and could learn how to control them all to do exactly what we want them to?  Well, we can. It’s best to let them do what they want, because in the end they know what to do more than us, but we can guide them to do things a lot faster.

For example; if I began to get sick tomorrow, and started to feel a tickle in my throat. I can now chose to let my inner cells and antibodies go to work by them self. We call this the immune system. Some peoples are stronger than others. Our immune system will automatically kick in, and our little cells and antibodies will begin to do what they have to and fight off the germs. Now if you have a week immune system, this only means that your cells and antibodies work a lot slower than others do. So the way to help them speed up is giving those cells and antibodies some guidance. To do this we must think about where and what the problem is.  Then guide the cells and antibodies to do what you want done about it. I will teach you how to do this very soon, be patient; all good things come to those who are patient.  It is best to learn how this works before putting it into action. 

Once you guide your cells and antibodies to do what you want, they can work a lot faster and more efficiently. After time and practice, your immune system will eventually get stronger. This is the stuff that most doctors do not want you to know, mainly because there will be no need for as many doctors as there are today, and also there will be no need for most medications.

I do not take medications, as what I have learned, is that any medication made by man in a laboratory, can fix one problem, but then creates another. I always stick to things that are made by Mother Nature, as she has all the ingredients and cures we could ever need to help us stay alive. Once these ingredients enter a lab and get altered they can become quite dangerous.  
 To find out what Mother Nature has for us, can be found on the internet.  The only problem is that not all of them are on there. The people in power most likely know every single cure there is ever known to man, but will not allow it to be released. Why? You must ask them, because only they know why.  I can give you my answer why, but they may not like me to tell you this. 

Oh what the heck; It’s simply because we have too many people on this planet, and there is not enough to go around. So if everyone knew about it, everyone would want it. The real truth is that there is plenty to go around for a population of around 6 billion. Anything over that on a planet this size, Mother Nature will not be able to keep up.  I believe now we are nearly reaching the 7 billion mark, so the stress begins.  When we put stress on Mother Nature, we in turn put stress upon us, as it is all designed to keep a balance.

The inner cells and antibodies in our body, listens to what we think. So this way our bodies can perform with a lot more efficiency. Knowing this for quite some time, I have hardly ever been sick in my life, and even when I am, I can choose to let my immune system do the work by itself, which could take up to a week or two to heal itself. Or I can choose to guide my immune system to what I want done, and will be cured with in a day or two.  Once I master it properly, I can cure myself within minutes.

This is not impossible, it’s all about focus. This is the most important part; we must learn to be able to still our mind. This can be hard to teach, especially people like myself who have trouble stopping the mind from thinking. There are many methods I can use to slow my mind down, one of them being an ingredient from Mother Nature. 
This is marijuana, but like I said, it needs to be naturally grown without any chemicals to work properly. As soon as chemicals have been added, it will not allow my mind to completely be still and silent.  This is what I meant before about when things from Mother Nature get things added to it, it creates another problem.  In this case it will not still my mind completely if chemicals are added. Chemicals will have a different reaction to my brain, thus creating another problem. Sometimes I can think more than what I was before, I took it. Sometimes it can slow the mind down enough to think straight, but will still not stop. Most people can still their mind naturally without anything from Mother Nature.  Anything you can do without Mother Nature’s help is the best. 

The entire universe works in this same method. Just like our inner cells and antibodies can tell us what is wrong with us, we can also help our cells and antibodies work faster and more efficiently. We can also tell the universe what is wrong with this cell, and the universe will respond as well. If none of us know about this, then we cannot warn the universe that something is wrong, and then we are not doing our job automatically. 

If you do not know any of this, and are still trying to figure out what I am teaching you.  Then this is exactly what the higher powers on this planet are teaching you. So in a sense the germs that are on this planet, are trying everything in their power to defeat the antibodies. If they succeed, that is the end of this planet. I am doing my best to inform all of you, that we can beat them.  I would like to keep this planet as long as we can.  The longer this planet lives, the longer we live. 
So by doing one good thing, we get a good thing in return.  So this is one good thing we can all contribute too. We need to let the universe know that something is wrong, so then the universe can then respond to fix the problem.

  If you remember we are the universe to our living cells, antibodies and germs.  So then we are living inside another universe, and then there is another universe living inside that universe, and so on.  This continues an infinite number of times, and since the cells and antibodies are connected to us (the universe), we are also connected to our universe and so on and so on. We are all connecting in a way they our mind cannot comprehend.  So it’s best not to think about that, and just concentrate on informing our universes that something is wrong on our organ, so to speak. 

Now the part you have been waiting for, how to create this to happen the best way possible. This method has been used for many centuries and works extremely well. It's not some new age nonsense, it's a really old technique.

  Every time we take a deep breath in, we take in the world’s problems. For example; we take in germs, cancer, radiation, basically all the world’s problems we have today. Every time we release our breath we put back out into the world whatever we want. 
For example; we can choose to put all the problems back into the world, or we can keep them inside of us, and release only the good things back into the world. I will explain how we can do this.

Once you have learned how to still your mind, in form of meditation or any other way you can do this.  Preferably meditation, it works far greater than anything else. 
Once you have come to complete stillness of the mind, this is where you can create the reality around you. When the mind is still and calm, you can now allow whatever thought’s you wish to enter into your mind. So this is not meditation for relaxing, it is for healing purpose's. 
So its best before you meditate or still your mind, to have an intention of what it is you want to create. 
For example; if I wanted to heal something in my body, I must first figure out where and what the problem is first. So say I have an upset stomach, which is the problem.  So while my mind is still, every breath I take in, my thought will be “MY STOMACH”. Try to be as simple and specific as possible so your cells and antibodies know what they have to fix. 
Then with my breath out my thought will be “NEEDS HEALING” or you can just think “HEAL”. I like to think I am talking to someone, but any way you choose will work. 
Then continue this for anywhere up to 5 and 10 minutes. If the problem persists the next day, repeat it. (Sound familiar) 
But you can repeat it as many times as you like throughout the day. You can also do this for as long as you want, but preferably anything over 5 minutes is fine.  It just depends on how fast you would like the problem to be healed. 

This works for everything you cells and antibodies can fix.  If you wish to help even further, then you can use Mother Nature’s ingredients to help the process. But there is no point taking Mother Nature’s ingredients, if you are not going to help fix the problem. Mother Nature’s ingredients will only help the process along, it will not cure it. The thing that will cure it is the power of thought. And believe in your heart you can do this, this is very important.

This method can also be used to help our universe to fix problems as well. For example; use the same method as above, but this time my thought as I breathe in will be, “THE EARTH”.  When I breathe out my thought will be “NEEDS HEALING”. The universe will respond, as we the universe also responds to our cells and antibodies in us. 
It is really that simple.  This method works even better if you can picture everything in your mind. So I hope you will help continue with my latest thought on healing the world.


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