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My message to the world! (UPDATED) with Part 2

A little bit about what I have been up to…

Though I am writing this out of love for all the innocent people, this message is more for those who are trying to control the world today, and even have control over you and your life.

I know everything there is to know about the Internet through my experiences in the last five years. I know which corporations own the Internet, I know everything about the two people that own Google, and even know the inventors and owners of the fiber optics necessary to run the Internet. I know of the people that are trying to control the world today, and even what the agenda is. The reason behind me doing this is because I also love to play the game of chess. To have the upper hand in any game of chess is to learn as much as you can about your opponent before playing. I have kept well hidden and well behaved within the world.  About the most wrongdoing you will get out of me are a couple of minor traffic violations, which I dutifully paid, keeping the receipts of course. I know these people on the other side of the board can put anything on me, and I know the risks of writing and revealing all of this. But that will be beside the point after you read it through.

One thing I believe in most of all is FREEDOM OF SPEECH.   Fair enough if someone is verbally abusing you or someone, then I also see this as unacceptable behavior, but I cannot see how showing love to people is wrong.  Once I see sites abusing this, then I feel it is my duty as a citizen, to let the people know.  I am a nobody to these people trying to control, a tiny pawn on their chessboard.  Right now, I am about to put the controlling people at CHECK, and if they do not hear me out my next move will be checkmate.  Preferably, I would like to have a stalemate, as I believe that every person should get a fair chance.

A message to the small group of people trying to control the world.

I hope I have shown you by now that I have come from nowhere, and joined this game of chess to end it once and for all. I was taught the game of chess by an extremely good teacher (My Grandfather).  Although I have never beaten him in a game, I believe he was teaching me something far greater than just a game on a board, namely life itself. Although I had never won, I always enjoyed playing, win or lose it made no difference to me. All that counted was that I enjoyed playing the game, and always had fun with it.
Now I must ask you some questions: do you enjoy playing the game? Do you enjoy it even when you lose? If not, then why do you keep playing this game? This game has been played so many times throughout history, and good always wins eventually, but it always follows the trappings of letting a small group of people attempt to control the world.   So now I am playing a new game, which has not been played for a long time.  

The best thing for me now is having the means to help people on a global scale via the Internet.  The Internet can be used for so much good, but yet you controllers are using it as a psychological weapon against innocent and unsuspecting people. I am one, and I will soon be part of many, and I am saying NO MORE. NO MORE to killing innocent people. I am not a violent person, and do not believe in killing people. I am not threatening anyone with bombs or trying to kill anyone here. I urge the innocent people out there not to do this either, as you will become no better than those people trying to control. If you commit their harms you will become one of them, and I refuse to help those who kill.  For those choosing to see me as a terrorist, then yes, I am a terrorist of peace.
My aim is to bring back a balance within our world, where all of the people are in control and all have a voice and an opinion, not the 2% that are trying to control everyone now.  We are the 98%, so the odds are in our favor.  You with control are the few, and we are the many.  Right now it does not bother me if you are human or alien, I know of all the technology, and mass destructive weapons you have. But I have a weapon far greater than you can ever possess, and that is the human spirit. You can blow us all up, but you still will never destroy the human spirit.  I know you will not like what I am trying to do here, because it is interfering with your selfish agenda. Realize that I have an agenda also, which is to help as many innocent people as I can. You must understand this. I know I am not going to help save everyone, but you must allow me to at least help some to save themselves. 

There is one thing that does not make sense to me at all, and that is why are you so afraid of people coming forward to tell the truth? If you are so unafraid of these people, then why make all the lies to cover up another lie and then another? If there are these other beings here, why not tell us? There is no shame in asking for help. People are not stupid anymore. People are waking up to all the lies that have been told, and you’re only making yourselves look silly now by proliferating the deception. I hope you realize that people are more forgiving these days, and while there are many that do not care, there are also more and more people that can help others to understand what is going on. 

I have one final request before I leave this world. It is for my children, for the innocent people, and for those whose words cannot be heard. My request is this:  
All I want is you people to stop the killing of innocent people. If you want, we can stick all of you that want to kill on an island somewhere where you can kill each other. But there is no need to be killing the innocent that do not want to be involved in your childish games. This is an easy and a fair request, and one that needs to be done as soon as possible; I believe you have enough bad people in the world today to fill your quota. You have three options, as I do not negotiate with terrorists that are trying to kill innocent people. Those three options are:

1.  You can choose to try and kills us all, with all of your mass destructive weapons, which will only leave you with control over nothing, and a dead world.

 2.  You can lay down your arms and surrender peacefully, which even the innocent people would prefer you to do, and which is the wisest thing to do.

Or 3. I must ask you to leave, and I am not talking about leaving the country, I mean leave the planet. We no longer want you here anymore if you will not behave.

What you do not realize is that most of the innocent people want you to kill them, because they have had enough of you killing us all anyway.  I find this quite sad, but I do see their point. If you do kill us all, at least then you have nothing left to control, or any bad people left.  This means game over for both. I would prefer to call for a STALE MATE, this way both sides win, and no side loses, and no small groups have any control, but all the people will have control, and have a voice and an opinion, with an even balance between all of us. 

One idea I have is to separate us, either we on the top half or bottom half of the world, it does not matter.   This way you can run things the way you choose, and we can also do the same.  But all technology will be shared between both sides.  And all weapons of mass destruction will be removed from society.  Only the leaders, i.e. the geniuses and the most wise will be able to have all the face to face contact with both sides. In other words, these will be the people that are allowed to come and go between one another and discuss matters without any harm coming of them. If the innocent people choose to go over to your side, they will be allowed to, but at their own risk. Vice versa with your people, but they also will be coming over at their own risk.  Any killing of our innocent people will not be tolerated, and a harsh punishment will be in place for those who do commit such a crime.  If one of our people goes to your side and gets killed, we’ll have to see this as a consequence of the choice and risk that they took. If you kidnap our people to bring them to your side, If and when the people are caught, they also will be punished as we see fit. Of course, they will not be killed.  Living with what one has done is a far greater punishment than dying.

I have many more other ideas that require the opinions of everyone; there will be no one-sided discussions. All things brought forward by the people will need to be agreed upon by the wisest of people, and based entirely on common sense. You know who I am, and you know where I live, and possibly even know my number. I am not hiding any more, and I have no fear of you.  Fear can only be feared by itself. You people keep on creating people like me, and others like me, to come forward and speak out against you. So I must ask, why keep on creating something, only to keep on destroying it again?  I have given you your options, which one you choose, is up to you. I know you also do not negotiate with terrorists that like to blow things up and kill people, but will you negotiate with a man for peace?  It’s you’re move. My heart is as big as yours, if not bigger.

For the innocent people of the world…

The time is now for standing up. I have been standing up against bullies all of my life, now I am standing up to the biggest bullies of the world, with no fear. We all have an opposite within this world, and my opposite is trying to control you at the moment. My opposite is teaching you all how to die, whereas I and many others can teach you how to live. The only choice you need to make is which side of the fence you wish to sit on. I have all the patience in the world, my opposite’s patience is wearing thin, and even he/she will be watching to see if you people can make up your mind and which side you choose. If we lose, it was a good game, and I always enjoy a good game. All I want is for you all to be happy, and never forget to keep on trying. Trying is all that counts, so never give up.

As a gift to all of you, I will give you the answer to the infinite universal question that may have puzzled most of you.  For those who have not heard this question, think about it before reading the answer ;)

There is one thing that EVERY person CAN DO, to make the world a better place, if not perfect. What would it be?

The answer is helping.  You were supposed to figure it out for yourselves, but at this rate, it could take forever. Helping is the only thing that causes us to evolve. If nothing helped, including all animals and plants, nothing would survive. Everything is here to do a job, and no matter how big or small, it is all helping with the great cycle of life. Everything living does this; plants, animals, even you, without being aware of it. We are all the caretakers of this world, if we all do not take care of it well, then it dies. That is no good to any of us. The best thing about humans is that we can become aware of what it is that we are doing. It is completely impossible not to help, because even if you die you are still helping, by keeping others within a job. Even if you are literally unaware, you are still helping, and it goes so much further than this again. Now that you are aware of doing this and helping, are you going to help my voice be carried across the globe, or are you joining my opposite’s side to continue with killing innocent people?

The choice is now in your hands. The worst thing they can do is kill us all, but have no fear, as there is just more life to be created again. There is no such thing as death. Death is something my opposite has been teaching you. Many people like me can show you that you can choose to die whenever you wish, or live as long as you wish.  We will most likely get back here again, and do this all over if they destroy us. But I cannot see that happening; otherwise my opposite will lose as well. We will get it right once within the infinite of space/time, the odds are in our favor, no matter how many times we lose. In the end it's not even about winning, it’s all about bringing back the balance with our opposites, so we all have a fair go. You people are the ones you have been waiting for. This is not about me; it is about all of us, striving for a better future for our children and our children's children and so on. This will not happen overnight, but it can happen if we don't give up. This is only a psychological game we are playing with our selves; this is what it takes to play chess. And this is what it takes to create a STALE MATE in the game; to make both sides have nowhere to move, creating a balance wherein both sides need to come to an arrangement of living. 

Will this message get banned and deleted (which might be the case)? I hope not. All I ask of you is to keep carrying my voice, and flood this message on every site you can. It will eventually keep on carrying across the globe. You are quite welcome to make the choice not to help. I believe that my opposite trying to control will be waiting to see which side you all choose as well. So do this for both of us, and most important, do it for your selves, and our children. If they shut the Internet down then print this, and spread it by word of mouth, this will be just as effective. I will post a video on YouTube as well, (for the second time). The first time only got 169 views and stopped.  Funny, that all the people that replied, supported it, but yet most did not spread it? Most of you know I like to give everyone 3 chances in life. Now is the second chance for the video, but 1 more chance is left for you innocent people.  

Good luck to you all, my heart and love goes to each and every one of you, to give you the strength to see this through. I have used my heart and intuition to guide me all my life, now it is time for yours to lead you. :)

P.S. In case you think I am crazy for doing such a thing, then if loving all of you is crazy, then yes, I am crazy.  (Crazy Little Thing Called Love).

Would You Like To Know More? 

Here is a link to one of the many weapons my opposite has been using against all of you.
Here is another link to thousands of articles, to find anything you need to know.

I now have a new YouTube account open with my plea for compassion on there.


Part 2 Of my meesage to the world. This was posted on a site called Lunatic Outpost on 28/09/2014, and can be found here
Here is my second message......I have the most powerful army in the world. 
                                        And the world knows nothing about it. Until Now

                     This message is more for those in power. But it is also for all of you to.
                               Former President Ronald Reagan's Speaks on Alien Threat

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to."
"I don't much care where –"
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

"The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking...
the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind.
If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker."
Albert Einstein

First I want to say for all the religious people, I am not a messiah, or god or any of those things, but human like most of you. I just know more than the average person, that's it.

Let’s just say there’s an average of 9 billion people on this world. Including the ones not in the system.
Now let’s just say there is a fleet of spacecraft heading our way. This fleet is holding 100 billion soldiers. We are in their way, and they need this planet, and are going to remove us, if not take a few for some sort of experiments. Now would the people of earth band together and try defend this planet, even though there is little to no chance of surviving?

Now I would say yes we would, and probably fight till our last breath. But the question is why we would do this. I mean, we already know that we might not win, so why bother?

As we grow up from children, we find ourselves getting attached to so many things. Including our own world. It does not just become a place to live, but becomes our home. So not only do we see the same for our own country, we also see the same for this world. So right now we all live on our world. And we call this is our home. And when we have people intrude on our door step, or just welcome themselves into our home, we get defensive. And most of us feel it is our right to defend it.

Right now, there is still a group of people out there, that are intruding into all our homes, whether we like it or not. This group of people, who we know as terrorists. Now that word can be used in so many ways, that it basically means everyone is a suspected terrorist. Basically putting fear into everyone’s heart, in an attempt so no one trusts anyone. The old divide and conquer trick. And it has worked, because I now trust none of you. Not even my own family.

This was created so it turns people into mind thinkers, instead of a heart thinker. This process has happened many times, as we know. Leaving the heart behind, even though it was the first organ to form within the womb.
Only governments and corporations create war between each other, not the people. The innocent people just get caught up in their childish games amongst each other. And innocent people always get hurt and die.

Well, when I wrote my message to the world which was back in 2010, before I posted it on my blog. I put it on a site called above top secret. Of course getting banned for doing so, only because it gained too many views and comments in one day. And if you know who runs the site, you will also know why it was banned.
Anyway, I was not joking about anything I had written. My plan was already well in place before I even posted that. I had already won, before I began.

There are no aliens coming to destroy us, YET. But there is an army on this world, and it consists of 2 people, one of which the system knows nothing about. Not even my own family, and the other being me. But I did say I have the most powerful army in the world. This is also true. The one that the system knows nothing about has some technology I gave them 15 years ago. I also gave him a list of possible future events that were going to take place by 2015. Sadly you have not yet understood my message to the world.

Right now I am sticking up for each and every one of you. In order to get you all to calm down, and sort this out without violence. Well as I have said to my friend, I don’t think people know any other way. And I am going to prove it, and only you can prove me wrong.

Now this is where you need to listen carefully. If another world war starts, no one is going to win this war. I know this because I have created it this way. If anything happens to me or my family (Every innocent person) or friends. Again no one will win this time. I have created it this way. I have never asked much my entire 37 years. I am always the one giving, not taking. And I do this without expecting anything in return, (Same applies here) except a thank you.

Now sorry to all of you for doing this, but most of you people are still destroying my home. You are still killing the innocent brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers, and grandfathers and grandmothers on my home world. Do I come to your home and mess your place up? I don’t think so. So it would be wise to show some respect.
It’s like you’re all waiting for some other alien race to come here and help with our problems. Or even waiting for one person to rise above everyone and put you all in line.

Well I have said before, I do not wish to be your leader; I chose this path for a reason. I am not one to be known, and I don’t like attention. (Hence, why I am posting this here, so it does not gain too much attention, and make people panic, as most of you like to do. So think twice before this reaches the media, as it will also be a mistake on your behalf. Even if this is banned before it reaches whom it is suppose to reach, it will also be a mistake on your behalf) I am not sticking up for any side, because I trust very few of you. There are too many liars amongst all of you. So I only trust my own heart, and follow my own path, whether others follow, it makes no difference to me. I am however, here to help. But I will say I can make everything you people have been fighting for; Land, water, food, oil, gold, revenge, religion and money, whatever you fought for, will be all for nothing. Every person that has died before you will have been in vein. Everything that has been built today, even though it has improved. All will have been for nothing, if we all cannot move into the next stage for human kindness.

I and the energy that surrounds all (Water Liquid and vibrations) will not let you win this time. I and the energy that surrounds all will not let you travel onto other worlds with the current mind set of destruction, greed and power. Enough destruction happens in this universe without the help of humans. My Friend and I awoke the sun at the end of 2009, and as you can all tell, it didn’t wake up in a good mood. Because when someone wakes it up earlier than usual, it knows something is wrong.

(Sometimes the simplest thing can cause the most destruction.) And the technology I gave my friend has the power to destroy the sun. By causing it to become so unstable, everything its path will be destroyed to start again. But this tech can also be used as a free power source. And this is why I have the most powerful army on this world, and it only consist of two people being involved. Not the hundreds of thousands some of you have.

So if any of the above occurs, it will be game over for everyone on this world, and sadly other worlds within this solar system.

I don’t want your wealth, or money or anything material for that matter. All I want is you to behave on our home. Learn to share, not take more than you need. I don’t tolerate it from my own children, and have never tolerated it from anyone for that matter, no matter what their size or strength. I have no fear of any of you, if anything, I am fear itself. All my life I have protected people, from kids to adults. This made me the bigger bully, mainly because I stand up to them and you. Only difference between you and I, is I don’t go looking for trouble. Trouble always comes looking for me.
You will notice by my records, I keep my self pretty clean within your laws, even though some are completely ridiculous. You do realize it has been proven the less restrictions you put upon people, the more people behave right? So it seems to me you are attempting to create this violence deliberately?

So since I paid you all respect and left you all alone, until others needed my help. I expect the same in return; now respect others and my home; otherwise you will force my friend to do something I never wanted to do. And that is destroying what I care for. My friend has no family, or many friends, so for my friend it will be easy to do. I could never do it myself, because I have too much love for this place and everything on it. But you people still keep hurting me more than you can imagine with all of your violence. I use to be one of you; I still like to watch violent movies and so on. And if they ever start some sort of violent games, so that those who love violence so much can participate in. I would probably even pay to watch that. But I don’t wish to do that onto people, so I learned to control and change myself. I know you people have it in you to do this as well.

So even though the ball is in my court right now, I have still given you the choice on how you wish to see this life time out. We can either both win, or no one wins. This is after all, the things we are most certain of in life, Live or die. Just depends on if you wish to die for nothing. And be sure to know, when you find out what happens after death, I will be waiting for those responsible, and will be extremely angry if you chose the wrong path.
All I know, is at least I tried to help you all, and at the end of the day that is all that matters to me. Whether you listen or not is completely up to you. There is nothing you can do now to change this path, but changing yourselves. And we all have no one to blame but ourselves for this mess. We have all let it go on for long enough. When is enough, enough?

The Power of Listening - An Ancient Practice for Our Future: Leon Berg at TEDxRedondoBeach

And here’s something beautiful to watch why you think about what we are to loose here.

I expect you to do all the wrongs things, and destroy us all. So I love you all more than words can express. And will most likely catch you on the other side were I will be waiting for the ones responsible for our demise. As this will be my next punishment for trying to help you all. PROVE ME WRONG PLEASE.


And yes I deliberate put a target on my head. Just to teach you all a lesson about life itself.
Tread very carefully, all our lives are at stake here. Heartflowers
 Let Me make this Crystal clear For those who can not be bothered reading the thread.
I am the ruler of me. This physical body you see, I am the ruler of it all. Not you, not some god, and not some all mighty king, queen, or leader. I do not rule over you. You rule over you. You do as you wish, it makes no difference to me, as long as it is hurting no one. You will have no problem from me.

If a devil exists, I am it. If A god exists, I am it. If an almighty great heart that exists, I am it. I can be my own worse nightmare, or I can be the shinning light. The choice is mine and mine alone. I stand alone on this journey we call life. If death is what is coming, then death it shall be. Life is but and adventure, so I will remain true to myself for as long as i live. No one can defeat me, as I have already defeated myself.

I am putting the mind at a stand still, in hope that it will realize the heart is what is keeping the mind alive.

I was taught by I great teacher, who so happen to be my grandfather. He was a master of strategy. He taught me, it does not matter if one wins or loose. All that matters is that we tried. Only ever reveal a strategy when you know you have won. Defeating the mind, has been one of the greatest challenges of all.

A great man, teacher, and beloved grandfather has past away 17/09/2014

Now the plan has been revealed to the hive mind. The hive mind needs only to make one choice. We will all soon see which it decides.

My love to all Heartflowers


  1. ~I agree Perfect with your message to the world over!!!~
    "The answer is HELPING, HELPING is CARING about LIFE~!!~"

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    Thank you, And yes now you know the answer :)

    Take great care buddy, to you and your family


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