Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Mind Trap

And welcome to The Mind Trap.

First of all, what is the mind trap, and what is its purpose, and when did it all begin?

The mind trap is something that most people have got themselves caught up in today, and the purpose initially was to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic. It originally began around 3500BC, but was never compulsory until the 19th century, and then made compulsory worldwide by the 20th century. So now you may know what I am talking about? Schooling

If you haven’t noticed school is still reasonably new to most of us, and most of it became compulsory by the 60’s. Funny about that, considering the 60’s we almost made it to true enlightenment. Which basically meant, we were at a stage in life, where most people could just get along, whether they liked each other or not. And boy did we get ever so close.

But of course, the people that love to control things, simply because they fell for the mind trap themselves, had to implement a plan to stop this enlightenment from taking over.  For them to do this, they had to force people to go to school so they could dumb the population down, just enough to keep them under control. 

These people had to do this because of the population rise, and knew it was going to escalate out of control.  So instead of getting the population under control back then, they thought it will be easier just to dumb everyone down.
Now I know this may sound a bit of a cliche, but whether you know this or not, the more we use our mind, the more silly we become. This is not something that I am making up, it is fact.

I’ll prove it with just words. 

Right now the people in control of this world use their brains. Now let me ask you this, do you think these people are doing things correctly or inhumanely?

I believe you already know the answer, because your heart has answered it for you.
If you are having trouble understanding what I am saying, then welcome to The Mind Trap.

All true knowledge comes from the heart; it always has and always will. This is where wisdom dwells, and it does not come from books or internet or radio, or anywhere else for that matter. It all comes straight from the heart.

   While all these people continue to use their minds to find out the answers to life, they will always be set up for a trap they will never answer. Because all the atoms, neutrons and whatever else they try to smash, they will still only be scratching the surface.  And they will continue to only scratch the surface, until they learn to use their heart.

So this is the mind trap, and I am going to share some stories; fact and fictions mixed together, and see if you can learn to use your hearts again to give you the truth.  So in saying that, do not believe anything I am writing, just listen to that very first thought that enters your mind, which will be you heart giving your brain the answer it needs to hear. I know nothing of what  I write, I am simply an observer sharing my observations. As soon as you think about it too much, you have just fallen for the mind trap again. The mind loves to trick people all the time, and confuse you even more than what the mind already has. You must remember the mind is only a super computer, and even super computers break down from time to time.  So it’s best never to rely on it to tell you the truth, as all truth comes from the heart, it always has and always will.

So with that said, I hope you find all my stories entertaining, and learn a little more about yourselves, and what we are really capable of.  You are welcome to reply to anything I write, but please think about what you are going to write first, if it is going to be negative.  If any of you know me by now, you will find out it won’t be a wise thing to do. Actually the wisest thing you can do, is not reply at all, and go about you day not thinking another thing about what I have written. Just remember thinking too much, can be dangerous. 

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  1. Rick your perfectly correct in most all of your findings & write up herein, I really agree with you mate about the world of today & 4 The future.
    What effect today are The effects of tomorrow & The problems of the Future of life on earth as we all know it.

    Yes the mind loves to trick people, Because of the wrong programing or the wrong applications that are applied in Life, by the system of government, Yes this is what is dangerous too.

  2. Hello NemoTheCaptain,

    Thank you for your comment and your support

    Take great care


  3. ~Hello Mr Philosophy, Your very welcome my friend, The time has really come when we people all need to really wake up to the truth & facts of what's really going on with our minds really & our reactions to others in this world we all live in.~

    ~Take Great care & Respect in all that we all do 4 a better tomorrow & 4 The Future to be free from strife & chaos.~

  4. A dutch friend of mine came upwith your site. Interesting reading stuff at the very least..tnx for sharing,
    regds from Holland

  5. Hello Hans,

    Pleasure to meet you on internet world,
    I am glad you enjoyed the read, and you're very welcome.

    Take care


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  7. Hello Anonymous,

    I actually found that quite an interesting read. Is that your site, or did you just find it on the net. I have book marked it to read some other interesting topics on their.

    Thank you for sharing, and highly recommend any one else that comes in here to read this also.


  8. I am glad you liked it. It's not my site, I just lucked out.
    To put it mildly, the premise goes very far in explaining why we are in this mess we are in, and how to get out of it.
    It's a three part article, so be sure to read the other parts.
    I found it so valuable, that I saved it and printed it out to read from time to time and to share with my less computer savy friends.

  9. Hello again,

    Yes I did read all three parts, I have also read a few other post's on their too. And I am enjoying it very much, Again thanks for sharing :)


  10. This article is about mind-trap, yet is totally... mind-crap.

    1. :( Sorry you feel that way, and could get nothing from it. Never mind, its' not for every one ;)

      Take good care of yourself.