Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Life is an Emotion!

Hello to all,

(Please be advised that everything I am about to say may not be entirely correct, so it is up to you the individual to decide for yourself what is right or wrong.  As hard as it will be to explain this in words, I will do my best, simply because this language is very limited, and not everyone knows the mathematics behind it all.)

Let’s face it emotions are a real pain in the backside sometimes. Most of the time our emotions tend to get us into trouble at the wrong times and are extremely hard to control by our self. It takes a lot of practice to keep our emotions under control.  Most men seem to think they are invincible and run around with their egos on their shoulders, and their pride always seems to get in the way of what they are really feeling. Women on the other hand, well most of them are just emotional wrecks, like a train derailing of the tracks 1000’s of times a day.  I have also seen some men the same way.  So women you’re not entirely alone there.

There will be easy ways to learn how to control these emotions soon enough, with the help of virtual reality machines.  But there are some ways to help you now, but it will take a little more will power to do this, and will explain later.

First I will start with dreams, what is a dream and how do we interpret them?  All dreams really are is a series of emotions and in some cases come with pictures or even video.  Some of you may feel that while in a dream you are invincible and can do anything that we cannot normally do in this reality.  Then some of you may feel anxiety and fear within a dream, even though you cannot get hurt, or can you?

Most of us have had dreams we cannot remember, but there is something very specific you can remember about the dream.  That is the emotion you experience while you were in the dream.  Sometimes just remembering the emotion can trigger off glimpses of the dream, just not all of it.  Then there are the dreams we can remember, the only reason we can remember them so well is because of the emotions experienced within that dream were more intense, therefor the pictures or video remain in your mind with a lot more clarity.

Our emotions work the same way whether we are dreaming or awake. Even while we are awake our emotions are always on alert, and the more intense the emotions are, the more you will remember everything that caused that emotion.  The opposite applies if the emotion was not intense, you will probably just forget about it. Usually the emotion happens too often, so most people see no point in remembering it.

A question then appears; how do we know whether we are in a dream or awake? Most of you have probably heard the old song row your boat, life is but a dream.  Now if everything is infinite and time does not really exist, which then means that nothing is really alive nor dead, and everything is in a constant state of vibration. Then life is but a dream, and we all live in a vibrational state of which we enjoy these emotions, so here we are?  Living in what we believe to be a physical world, but is it really physical?  Now some of you may feel a debate coming on whether what we are experiencing is real or not.  Really there is not much to debate on, because some of you would have experienced a dream were you can still touch, see, taste, smell and hear,  and can even use your intuition in a dream.  So if one can do this, what is real and what is not, if we can experience the same things in a dream and awake?

So in the end, everything is simply an emotion that we experience, and our brain then becomes a hard drive, and simply stores memory and that is all.  Because if you have not yet realized, you can still see, touch, taste, smell, and hear without even leaving your bed.  You can move around in your dream the same way you can when you’re awake.  So some of you might be thinking now, that I can get hurt when I am awake and possibly die.  This is true, but the same thing can happen when dreaming too.  So you’re not entirely invincible in your dream just like you are not entirely invincible when you are awake.  It all depends on how intense the emotion is when you are awake or asleep.  So all the brain really is; is a hard drive to store all your memories of what you have experienced.

Now another question appears; what is the brain if everything is just a dream which is experiencing a series of emotions?  With my last post the secret on where we come from! I wrote about an anti-matter machine that can create everything and anything.  This machine is really us in a sense.  Whether it’s a mechanical machine or just anti-matter on its own, we do not know. I will lean more towards just anti-matter on its own, the pure essence of energy, constantly creating the reality that the consciousness wants to experience. We are the consciousness that is deciding the experience.  This is why you hear so many people or should I say consciousness’s out there are all connect to the one and only consciousness.  The ONE as some may call it, but there are other names such as God, or devil, or Allah and many more.  There is really just one consciousness that has no name.

I have probably just made some of your heads spin with this concept, and your minds are probably still trying to comprehend what I have just written.  Their lies the biggest problem, the mind is not who we are, it never has been nor ever will be, because if I have it correct, reality is not physical. Our consciousness is simply making it seem physical, because the consciousness is us and we are enjoying the experiences. Even though some may not be a pleasurable experience, it is still none the less, an experience. The consciousness is everything that exists; it is our memory which never ends, it is what we appear as physical which also never ends, it is everything we see and also never ends, because the consciousness in infinite, and always will be.

This is one reason I tell people to believe what they want to believe, because it’s what will keep one strong.  Really all beliefs are correct and wrong at the same time.  The consciousness does not know, good or bad, or right or wrong, the consciousness just is.  So if your mind is still trying to cope with what I am saying, then maybe it’s time to let the mind go, and just be.  Now that being said, you can take this many ways.  You can just choose to be, which will allow you to sit still and never move again, and let everything happen around you without you being aware of it. Or you can choose another way, and just let be, and go about our everyday life as if it were our last moment.  The experience will never stop either way, whether you are here in this reality or not, the consciousness will still be experiencing.

That is the only way to control our emotions, in other words we cannot control them. It would be like trying to stop our consciousness from experiencing. But we can make them easier to live with. The only way that can be done, is by doing what I just stated above, and that is to just be, no moving, no touching, no tasting, no smelling, no hearing and no seeing.  If we did all of this we might as well be dead.  You will most likely just become matter and never experience a thing again, even though consciousness will still continue to experience without you. I think I would prefer to be anti-matter and continue to create things and experience what I have created.

  You are quite welcome to ask me as many questions as you wish. I will respond to you all, because I am the consciousness, and the consciousness listens to all and accepts all no matter whom or what you are.  The consciousness has no judgment it forgives all and loves all no matter what.  You can contact me at this email address that I use for people to write to me;  You are all here to either experience or not to experience the choice is yours and yours alone.

For those of you who wish to be bad, then be bad. Those of you who wish to be good, then be good, the consciousness simply enjoys the experience.  Well I know I do anyway, good or bad.  Some of you think that I am capable of reading your minds? As I may not be able to read your thoughts at this particular moment, I do understand them.  This is the reason for some of you thinking, “How does he know what I am thinking?”  That’s why, I understand emotions. And if you think you know most of my writings, as most of it is common sense. Then here is some food for thought: Would you have still known this, if me or others were not saying these things? Or are we simply helping you remember these things?

If you wish to learn how to get your emotions somewhat under control, the only suggestion I can give you until virtual reality can help with this. Is by practicing in your dreams, where most people feel they are safe.  Then once you can do this, it will manifest into this reality. For example, if you are afraid of something in you dream, and want to get your fear under control, then try and overcome it in your dreams. Even though this will take a lot of practice on your part, it can be done.  It’s just a matter of building your self-confidence.  This then allows you to become aware that you are the consciousness creating your surroundings.  If we let other people control our consciousness, then we become a slave to someone else's consciousness.

Take very good care all of you, and continue what you are doing. I love each and every one of you, as I have no judgment, because I am apart of you all. 

(If I do not learn self-love, I cannot love others.  To have peace and freedom, one needs peace of mind first; otherwise peace and freedom can never exist.) 


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