Sunday, 6 November 2011

Are you contagious?

The answer to this question is very simple, and the answer is yes. The human species is highly contagious, and of course I will explain.

Let’s start with the basics first? When someone yawns, some of you get the urge to yawn as well. When someone smiles, some of you get the urge to smile as well. When you laugh, others get the urge to laugh as well, even when you do not know what is so funny.

Those are some of the basics, but I assume you get the idea. Now what if I were to tell you that everything a human does is contagious to others? For example: If I began to help with anything, others will automatically follow. Keeping in mind that not everyone will follow, but most will.
Now if I began to do something naughty so that others could see, funny enough others will follow. If I told you that UFO’s are from outer space, others will follow. If I tell you I am going to end the world of war tomorrow. Amazingly many would follow.

Now if you haven’t realized what I just did there, I have just made you aware that everything we do and say is highly contagious.  When I said everything, I literally meant everything.

Here’s another example: say I was walking down the street, and I happened to see someone that was very ill. Now if I let my mind think, “Oh that person is not feeling to well, I hope I do not catch it.”  Well by the time you have just thought that, it is already too late. And funny enough you will most likely end up sick within the next few days. And most times you don’t even need to be in contact with the person. Some people will tell you it’s in the air, as this may be true, you still have a choice if you wish to let that enter your mind. Even if you allow that into your mind, you have already lost. And will most likely become sick within the next few days. It’s best just not to think about it, as I say to my children all the time. Then I ask them how often do you see me sick? Obviously the answer is never; to their knowledge I have never been ill in front of them. Then I say, well then am I lying to say that the less you think about it, the less you get sick?

If you have read my first post, you will begin to understand how the mind trap works.  Our mind is exactly like a super computer, and whatever you program into your mind. Is what you mind will program your body to do! This is a very big picture I am attempting to show you right now, and is exactly what those that are attempting to control the world with, DO NOT want you to know.

(Hypnotic suggestions, and subliminal messages which enter your mind, are programing you to the exact way the programmers want you to be or do.)

 I hope that part made sense. What most of you are unaware of is that there are trigger words the mind understands the most, for example: Sick, happy, sad, fear, love, buy, sell, and I could go on for quite a while. But they are direct words that our mind understands the most. All the other words like; and, it, I, am, the, word, and so on, the mind does not really pay too much attention to.

I could do this all day, but I am assuming you are beginning to see a very large pattern emerge here. The trick to avoid all these little mind control games that are being used on you by every single person on this planet, is to simply follow your own heart. Now I will give you an example, on how you know whether you are listening to your heart or the mind.

If I were to see someone hurt themselves, at first I would probably find it funny. But if I saw that the person was really hurt bad, I would get that instinctive feeling that it hurts, and would stop laughing, as I have just experienced some of their pain.  Right now I have just listened to my heart, and it spoke to me by using an emotion. That of course was the emotion of hurt. Not so much pain, because pain can easily be blocked out. It is a hurt emotion, the same feeling as if you heart was breaking, as if you just lost something you love for example. This is how the heart speaks to us, by using simple emotions to tell us what is right and wrong.

Now if I were to stand there and keep on laughing, even though you can see them in terrible pain, deep down you are still laughing. This is when you know you are listening to the mind. The mind finds just about everything amusing, because it is so easily manipulated into believing this.  Usually this has to do with the upbringing the person has had, either by parents, family, friends, or schooling. Most of you must know by now, our teachers are everywhere. Our mind picks up everything and even other people’s behavior. The trouble is if we continue to use our mind for these types of behaviors, we end up with an adult, with a childlike mind that never grew wise.

The trick is to keep that childlike mind and grow wise to what is happening with the people around you every day. No one ever losses their childlike mind, we always remain children, even till the day our body expires. We are always constantly learning. When we reach adult stage, we either choose to continue learning, or have had enough of learning and continue the way one is.

Now there is the problem within the world today, some have lost the heart. It’s not gone completely, it’s still there inside them, they have just chose not to listen to it anymore, and let the mind take control. Mainly because they think it’s the smart thing to do. I will let you in on something; being too smart actually stops a population from evolving.  Are you beginning to see a very big picture here?

Yes you can become smart, but always remember to listen to your heart first.  Without the heart, you will destroy everything that follows, as every person is highly contagious.  If people see what you are doing, others will follow, and the main reason people follow others is usually from peer pressure, and bribery.  Have you ever noticed, IF you attended school, that the teachers begin to bribe you to be good, or do your homework and all sorts of other things, by giving out rewards? Even some parents do it, even I have done it from time to time, but I only reward the good things. But I also teach my children there will be others out there that will bribe them to do bad things.

This is what most schools do not teach. And if the parents haven’t taught their children this, there is the beginning of the mind trap. If we do not tell our children about these people, we are allowing them to be set up.  Remember while you are a child, we are very venerable and gullible.  If our parents are not teaching us of the dangers that lie ahead, it then becomes the parent’s fault, if their child falls into the mind trap.

I will give you a good example of what I mean: Money has become the ultimate bribing tool. People that believe in money also believe everyone has a price! This is exactly what the mind does to a person; it is extremely good at deceiving a person. 
That statement is false in every way.  Everyone has a choice, there are many ways to make money and live comfortable, even doing the things you love, without someone coming up to you offering you more money than you will ever need to live a good life.
Again, another false statement used by a person that uses the mind.

Now as another example: If a person were to come to you, and say your child has an extreme talent at doing such and such. Then they will say to you, with the right training (molding) you can make more money than you could ever dream of. When really they are meaning, they can make more money they have ever dreamed of, and share a little with the person, so it makes them seem rich. When in reality if that one person did that to 10 or 20 people a day, and even if they got 3 or 4 people to follow, they have just made triple or quadruple the amount of money than that one person that is the star.

Now this is where the parent or guardian has a choice to make, do they fall for the bribery and make the choice for their child? As most of the time the child will be still too young to make a choice, or completely unaware of the things that must be done to achieve those riches?

Or the other choice is to refuse the bribe, and let the child develop mentally enough first, and let them continue with what they are doing, for free, or just for prizes. And when they have evolved the mentality to make their own choices, and know what it must take to become a star. By that you are allowing them to make their own choices. And not the parent or guardian making their choices for them.

Now most of the time the parents will follow the bribe, because as I have stated adults are just like children too. When most people see dollar signs, they go for it no matter what the consequence. Because it’s not them that has do go through all the molding process. I.E. Brain washing for a more simple term.

See these people that like to use the mind, they love to give people the illusion, that this will be their only chance to become a star. But always remember, that is the illusion they want you to believe. This is why they love to get people at such a young age, before they develop a mind of their own. Thus they are much easier to program.

Now of course this is all up to the individual self, to make a good or bad choice. Just as long as you are the one making the choice and the choice is not being bribed upon you or made for you by another person. Always try to explain to your children, if you have any; or even explain it to friends and family and so on, of these people out there. If we don’t do this, we become the bad teachers.

Always remember, we are all children until our body expires, yes even YOU. And my heart and many others are spreading across the globe like wild fire.

Take care all of you,



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