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The secret on Where we come from!

This is one question that has still been unanswered.  Of course it has been attempted many times, but really no one knows the truth as yet.
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If you don’t wish to know me any better, that’s ok and I will continue.
Some of you may or may not know already that I have received a lot of information over the years from an unknown source.  I do however get some of this information from all of you.

The information I will give you is something I have not heard anyone mention as of yet.  If you have heard this before, this is good, and sorry for wasting your time in advance.
Instead of beating around the bush, I will just give you the information that has been in my head for a long time.

First most of us have been misled and misinformed with disinformation. Not deliberately of course.  All that’s happened is that we have forgotten most things and have also lost a lot of information. But this I will explain later.
 We have all been created, and been created by a machine.  This machine is run by a very sophisticated computer. No we are not living in a computer simulation, although it may seem like that at times. We are made from a computer program, just not living in one.  This machine is an anti-matter machine. What does an anti-matter machine do?  

An anti-matter machine creates everything you see. Everything from the grass, to the trees, animals, insects, and us. It can also create stars (suns), planets and basically anything your heart desires. It creates all living and non-living matter. 

I believe there are a few of these machines that have been created, but there is one mystery that I can never seem to get an answer for.  That is WHO or WHAT created the anti-matter machines?

We have one of these anti-matter machines on this very planet, in the Antarctica region, buried under miles of ice. Most of our secrets lie beneath this ice. Whether the scientists of the world know this or not, I do not know.  If they do, they are probably keeping it secret for very good reason.  The reason being, that too many people will not understand what will come from there.  Even the scientists themselves will not fully understand the technology that has been used to create this machine.  But if they have found this machine, they will still be trying to figure out exactly how it works. So you see there reason for secrecy on such a thing.  For scientists anyway! One thing to understand is; that of which no one has any understanding of, cannot be released into the public without any knowledge or understanding of what it is.

I believe that it should be released, as there are many knowledgeable people out there that have not yet come forward with experiments and information. The only reason for this is because these people do not like the government systems, and feel that if they can keep secrets so can the public. After all it’s only fair, if the governments think it’s not fair, well then they will just have to get over it, until they themselves become more honest.  But there is also reason for the government’s secrecy which I will explain soon. 

We have been created by 22 civilizations, not from this planet.  Some are still here today to monitor the progression of their creations.  This planet was chosen specifically because of its vast amount of resources.  Every mineral we could ever need is on this planet.  Our creators have made us smarter than them with a lot more memory capacity as well. (Although I think they left me out of the smart part :) We are being monitored so we do not go crazy and blow everything up.  Eventually some of us will figure things out, and when we come forward, it will be hard at first to explain what’s happening with no proof.  But proof will eventually present itself, it’s all about patients.

I know for most people, they will not accept the notion they have been created by another race, mainly because of strong belief systems that have been put on this world.  These belief systems were put here deliberately, but along the way they have been change by man of this world, and misinterpreted.  So therefore our history has been changed and lost.  The original history of us being here has been many 100’s of thousands of years, but because all history has been lost over time, we can only date things back 12,000 years.  This will increase of course when more things are found on our planet. 

Why did we lose so much important history?  As we know this planet has been through many cycles, some so catastrophic that nothing survived, and had to be started all over again, with our creators left to create everything again. One of the catastrophes happen to be caused by the anti-matter machine. The people back then went to create something completely new, but it had severe consequences.  They opened up a doorway to something unknown, and exposed the entire human race to something their consciousness was not ready for. It also wiped the memory of the humans, and almost all of their technology was fried when this happened. 

Now here we are today, slowly getting our memories back and even more important our technology.  BUT, we did have help with our technology from someone out of this world.  I believe the choices were technology, and from another race they offered enlightenment.  I think most of you know which the elite’s chose. For those who don’t have a clue, it was not enlightenment. But as we know, most people do things for something in return. So to get technology we had to give something in return?

 Enlightenment we have had to achieve mostly by ourselves, but can receive all the information you choose, if only you ask.
We have the ability to do a lot more than what you are being told. It’s not a secret; you just need to find the right teacher.  There are not as many secrets as you think, most of the information can be found on the internet.  With a little help from your intuition and common sense, you can actually find a lot of information on here.  As for ancient teachings on how to use our Chi, you will need to find a good teacher, or master as they like to be called.

There is one secret war that is going on, that not many are aware of. This is a war that goes beyond even our planet. I believe there is a group going around trying to take a lot of our resources, one of them being water.  I will now share something I woke up with one morning around the age of 18.
We know there are four elements which make up life. These are Earth, Air, Fire and Water. You can also use this same principle to control the world. Some things that we are shown are like mirror images, which I have noticed some of you seeing this.

To take control of the world and population of the world, you only need to use these elements, just in a different way. First of all, do you believe the war at the moment is about oil? Or maybe you think it’s about religion? Or maybe you think there is something more behind the scenes?

Most of us know by now there is always something in the way to cover what‘s behind the curtain. I know that to dominate any civilization, is by controlling the water. It is the most valuable substance known to man and animals. Believe it or not, our oceans use to be all fresh water, until someone or something decided to punish us, and over time salted the oceans. We also know now that we can reverse this process by desalinizing the ocean. Why haven’t we got these around the entire globe if there is a water shortage? Money is the only answer. It is funny how people are willing to put a price on water when it comes to us from the skies for free.  Then you see people buy water in bottle’s which most of them come from tap water. But yet it’s free from your tap? And people are willing to buy water at a cost greater than petrol?

So to begin domination over the civilizations is to control the water.
The next step once that has been achieved is to take control of fire. We can now bring fire to your homes in form of electricity or gas to create the fire. So now we can cook our foods and as we know fire has a million and one uses. So if we make it convenient for people to have in their homes, we can also start charging the people for using it. Even though creating a fire can be free?  But as usual most people would prefer to pay for it? (It’s the convenience)
The next step is Air. We now move onto controlling the air we breathe and weather. Once we control the weather, then we can put water where there is hardly any to none.  This is the stage we are at right now, so if you are in a high drought area, you should now be able to get some rain to help you out.
Do you think this will happen? Maybe or maybe not, it will all come down to money; can you pay for the rain? It’s kind of sad we live in a world where we have all these resources, and cannot share with others to help them survive. Simply by putting money aside for once and just help. But as we know there are certain people out there, or should I be more precise and say corporations out there, that are only in this world to make money. To them money is the bottom line, not you. They only need you to bring them the money.  I think they are in a bit of a pickle if we decide not to help them anymore. Just one week without buying anything would sure make them think who is really in charge here. (Just an idea?)

Last but not least Earth; once these 3 elements have been controlled, the final step needs to be put in place. Control the land we live on, whoever can take control of most of the land will be the dominate nation. This obviously is the next step we are heading for. 

Now the only problem I see with this whole set up! Is that everyone wants to control something, but never stop to think, that what they are trying to control, is not even theirs to control in the first place.  The only people that have a right to control this world are the creators of this world. Even then it’s not rightfully theirs, unless they created the planet.   Even then it’s still not there’s and belongs to whomever created the anti-matter machine.  Since I have still received no answer on who owns or created them, for now I will say that no one has the right to own anything.  We are simply borrowing, until our lease expires.

Now even though I have said all of this, no one still really knows where we come from.  Mainly because we are stuck at a point of who made the anti-matter machines.  That’s if it exists, but the information I have received so far over the years has made more sense than what has been put out there so far. Why things remain making sense, I will listen, even though I listen to a lot of the non-sense that some people come out with, it is always good to listen to them, because somewhere in there non-sense there just might be a little sense that could be the truth.

On the first 3 elements, if you can make people dependant on these things, this is where the control begins. Because when people get dependant on something, most will do just about anything to keep it. And that is exactly what the corporations of the world want. It’s not always the government trying to control the world. They are also run by corporations. I would like to see them advertise this all over the place, I am pretty sure it will make loads of money (giggling to myself).

I will leave you now with this final thought; there is always a method behind someone’s madness.  

Take good care

And always remember to refer to my first post The mind Trap, with all of my writings.

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