Sunday, 20 November 2011

How to win this war?

Ok, what I am about to teach some of you is most likely something you already know, but a little reminder never hurts.

Most of you have probably heard the old saying, “Why the cat’s away, the mice will play?”

If you have not heard that before, it’s meant to mean while the wise one is away, the children will play.

This is exactly what has happen today. Right now those who are attempting to take control of the world’s population, whether it is the Rothschilds, Rockefeller’s, the Morgan’s, or even the corporations are attempting to take control themselves? and over throne all these families.

Whatever the case may be, they are now getting very desperate. From what most of us can see now, they are moving into their final phase of their great plan. And that is to take down the final trading country which is not following their plans, which of course is China.

This last desperate attempt is to push them into submission and give up. The only problem with this plan now, is because of people like me, and many others, who are helping people see with the heart again. It is bringing the common sense back to people extremely fast.  Faster than they had anticipated?

So right now, not only have they become big brother, the people too have also become big brother, and are watching these people’s every move. Waiting for them to slip up?

Just in case you do not know what a bully does? here is some information to help you understand:  A bully will push someone, and keep on pushing someone until they snap, and fight back.  And once a person fights back, therefor have taken the bait, the bully will now move in full force, and most likely bring in his buddies to finish you off. Now if they cannot get to you by pushing you, they will do one of two things? 1, they will walk away and go bother someone else or 2, they will make something up about you, so it gives others a cause to move in a beat you down. This happens within gangs as well. And sometimes gangs wars are started deliberately by the biggest of all bullies. (Those with the money and power) But at the time gangs do not see this, and are blinded by those who love to create situations to benefit their agenda.

So to help you see things a little more clearly now? Right now, the bullies, whoever they may be? Are moving into China, who is not obeying there rules. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not agree with everything the Chinese do, especially how they treat their people like slaves. But in general they are a peaceful type of people, and try there hardest not to get involved in other people’s problems.

Now because these bullies have been pushing China for so long, China is still showing no sign of following the bullies rules. So now of course the last action the bullies will take is to surround them with more bullies, so this way they have nowhere to run, so now have no other choice but to defend themselves. And yes innocent lives will be lost again, for the sake of these bullies.

So right now we the people are watching them (the bullies), because they are going to use 2 moves to go in and attack. 1, they will just move in with force and blame it on the Chinese that they started it, therefor the bullies are the innocent ones, when they are the ones doing the bulling in the first place?
Or 2, the bullies will make up some excuse to move in and attack.

These have been a bullies tactics for as long as bullies have been around. They have never changed, and probably never will at this rate.
So right now the best way to win this war? Is to not play! That’s right, DO NOT PLAY! As soon as the Chinese play into their little game it will be the end of them and also us. We all need to sit back and just observe, because if these bullies do any of these things right now, they can be held accountable for genocide, by law. So now who do we hold accountable?

Well first it will go back to the original source of the problem, and that is those families who created the monetary system. In the end they created the mess we are all in, so they must be held accountable for their actions, there wealth stripped from them and brought to justice.

Think about it? They will be accountable for every war that has been caused due to money? They are not above the law, so do not allow them to make you feel as if they are. No one is, nor ever will be. No matter how much money you have. Money cannot save you from the truth, especially if that money is stripped from you, because of abuse.

I have a saying to my children, “if you abuse it, you lose it”
This rule applies to every single human on this planet. I suggest the Chinese government not to play into these bullies little game, you have all of us watching them, and watching every move they make. The only move they need to make right now, is go back home, and to stop bothering innocent people.

IF they chose to wipe out most of the population because we are all becoming out of there control, they will still lose. Because those who survive will know that these bullies created genocide for their own gain, and therefor lose twice.  Those who survive will also not be controlled by bullies. This is what it takes to wake up to these people; they do not care if they kill us all, as I have explained within my message to the world.  

Right now we are big brother also, and we are watching YOU (the bullies). We are watching your desperation, in attempting to make people angry, so you have an excuse to move in and attack. You even make a video called Thrive, just to show everyone and mock them all by paying another profiteer (Foster Gamble) to do your dirty work. And still show people that he is making a profit from information that was given freely by other people? All in an attempt to make even more people angry with you, so in hope that people will attack you? Sorry but I for one am not falling for your little mind games. Funny how they seem to pick the right time’s, during a solar storm, which mess’s with magnetic fields, and this includes the magnetic field that is within us. Don’t fall for it people? They do this all the time when people are most vulnerable, history will prove that for you, if proof is what you seek.

Move your troops out of Australia, go back home where you belong, and stop using your little puppets to get your own way. Go ahead kill me and my family, I have already accepted death as my punishment, I have accepted the death of every single human being on this planet. I no longer fear you, I see your game for what it is, and do not agree with it in any way. I will not harm you or your followers, but you will be held accountable for all of you actions eventually. This also includes the one’s you have created from the beginning of all this mess. Everyone is accountable for the actions; no one is above the law, especially me and you.

To the Rothschild’s, Morgan’s, Rockefeller’s and any other person with the same status as yourselves? IF you do follow the one you call Satan, devil or whatever you want to call him or her, tell them I said HELLO. Because even the devil is running scared at the moment from people like me, and probably already hiding and leaving you people to take the fall. The Devil or whatever you call it? has no power over the heart. The sooner you people understand this, the better off this world will be.

I am not a religious man as some of you know, but I do follow my heart. Whether it leads me to my death, does not make any difference, as long as I stay true to it, and fight for a cause that I know is right.  I have already won no matter what you bullies choose to do, so it’s best you accept it, and get over it. You are hurting no one but yourselves now.
“The Pen has always been mightier than the Sword, even you bullies know this.” Which is why you are acting in desperation now, trying to use our common sense against us, and failed miserably?

So now the choice is in the bullies hands? Destroy us? Which will also destroy yourselves? Or face the music, now that everyone has their eyes on you?  CHECK……..? And I place my king down, in hope that you will do the same. It is after all the wisest choice you will ever make, no time like the present to grow up.

Take care

I no longer have anything else to say to you all on this matter.



  1. Ahh, if only we didn't know the history of these things, where the (d)elite have to take it all the way, where they have to bomb and kill and torture and destroy as much as they can before they are finally caught, and either off themselves or act like they are under orders.
    The real problem mankind faces is the amount of buffers between the real button pushers and the man on the street. Most can't get by the first, which is basic media, choosing to instead believe the moment to moment shovels of bullshit shoved into their five senses their every waking moment. I'm not sure where the universal acceptance of the maxim that the media never lies and is on the side of the common man ever came from, but it is a digital wall a mile high, and Joe the simpleton is on board and acts like it his protecting shield rather than a veil of confusion.
    But we also know that these fools with all the phony balony money are on a mission of self destruction. They have been told the prophecies, they have been told the outcome, they know they are ultimately and horribly screwed in the end, yet it is impossible for them to stop their march toward the cliff. Unfortunately for many, they are marching with blindfolds on, right behind them. I'll sit up on the hill, with some binocs, and wave from afar, thank you very much.
    Right now it's 1% vs. 1%, not the 99% they are telling us. More like 98% clueless, sleeping or just don't give a flying fox news. When the balance is 1% to 2%, then 1 to 3%, then 1 to 5%, we will start really seeing the signs, and you'll see the desperation as the bell curve vibrates out of their control.
    Or, maybe they'll just nerve gas us all. Hell, they've got enough of it. Hell they've got enough weapons to kill the world off 400 times over. Why did we ever let them convince us that was necessary, I wonder?

  2. Hi Chewybees,

    I like everything you have written here.
    And this is the biggest problem of all, that so many are asleep, or don't really care. But of course this is the way people have been conditioned (Programed) for so long. And as we know, it is very hard to break free from the programing (matrix), when the programing is so nice and materialistic.
    Most people do not want to lose all of there possessions, if that's what they think they are really losing?
    If more were awake they would realize they are bound to lose so much more.
    I believe nerve gas wound be too humane for these people, and would attempt something much more gruesome, since they love to see suffering and pain. Perhaps another virus? I here lots of people talking about a zombie apocalypse, which is quite doable.
    Considering most of the human race are cannibals any way, even though we may not realize it. (Not all meat come's from cows, sheep, pigs, and chicken.) And no one would know any different. Horrible thought I know, but it's very possible it is already happening today right under everyone's nose?

    If only Australians knew how many weapons we have on our own soil at pine gap? It would probably not surprise too many though. :)

    Take care, and thank you for insightful replying