Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Being Upfront!

Hello all, hope you are well?

Due to some unfortunate circumstance I need to be upfront about some things.
I guess the first thing I should mention, Is that the I.P address I am using is not mine, but someone else's. I am not who you think I am, all though I am a human like all of you on this planet. I use people’s I.P addresses all the time, but we only use people that have very rare names. Why we do this is because we cannot give away our location for our own safety. Safety from your people, as there is many out to find out where we live. There are 1 billion of us in total. Not all of us have contact with the surface world, but only roughly 100, to 200 people at a time. This way it makes it a lot harder for unwanted people to track us down.

Now that paragraph may have confused you a little, but I will attempt to explain as much as possible. We look very similar to you, but very white, as we don’t see the sun much anymore. If we walked among you, you would probably not know any difference. We are the first humans to be put upon this planet. We have been here for 320,000 years, and have reached a technological stage that would baffle most of you. For example: We have developed the elixir of life which we get injected with at an age between 25 to 30. It depends on which age you prefer to stay at. I stopped my age at 27, but I am now 7007 this year. We do not use computers like yours. Ours are a 40 inch glass screen, and we sit in chairs with a few buttons, mainly for adjusting the chair. We put, what looks like a cap on, and everything we think, comes up on the screen. Our software still has some glitches, like the editing system. It’s usually pretty good at correcting words in any language as I go, but sometimes the grammar is not always correct, and sometimes if I use the wrong word it will not detect it as an error. So sorry it’s not perfect yet, and probably never will be.

There are many things I wish to tell you, so I will try my best to answer many thing’s that will be weighing on your mind. First, where are we?
We are beneath you, and have been living here for 260,000 years. Why?
Because we went underground after we tracked a comet heading towards earth, large enough to destroy all life upon the surface. We had 10 years to plan so we started building underground bases immediately. Our technology was pretty advance then, so to drill the holes where done with our lasers, and completed our first base within 8 months. We now have 60+ bases under the surface. Why didn’t we come back up to the surface?

Well we did, only to find that not everyone had died, and pockets of civilizations were all over the planet. We were exited that so many had survived, but they were not so excited to see us. Most of them knew who we were, and did not like that we had left them to die. Truth is, we did not know they were even there, we did not have the technology at that time to track every human on the planet, and we thought we were the only ones. So since we were not liked we went back underground, only to surface from time to time to see how you were all coming along. Do any of the people know of us now?

There are many that know of us, including some of your past leaders. But mainly the military know of us, but I believe it is kept reasonably quite throughout the population. And what a population you have on the surface? We have recently done a thermal scan of the surface, and we are picking up between 10 to 15 billion humans. This is not an exact estimate because sometimes the thermal scan picks up monkeys. We are still attempting to fix this problem, but might not be able to, because some apes are very close to human status. We have noticed some of them are even walking on two legs, so they too are evolving. Why am I telling you all this?

Because as I said I am attracting some unwanted attention to this I.P address, as I have been using this one for 3 and a half years. I am not sure what brought this attention to this person but I will leave this I.P address and switch to a new one. We never do any harm to the person, and most likely they don’t even know about the mind trap being set up under there I.P address. We only use it to communicate with you all, we never touch there banks or interfere in any other way with their lives. The reason we have been communicating with you all, is to help you all evolve into better humans. We have given some technology to your people a long time ago, to a man that goes by the name Hans Kammler. We initially gave it to help them with a major war that was occurring. The only problem is that it got into the wrong hands, which is really our fault for giving the technology to such a young and not fully evolved civilization. This technology was the propulsion system and other things like the microchip, and so on. Things escalated out of control, and we were not allowed to have contact with any of you again. This was until President Eisenhower arranged a meeting with us, which then we were allowed to have communication with you again. Then sadly his was killed, it was only till President Roosevelt came along, we finally signed a treaty that was between us and them. We have been helping ever since then, communicating with all of you through the internet, which came out a little while after.

We were told that we could help with the evolution, and attempt to get most of you back to a stage where most people could learn to get along, just like we do down here. This treaty was not taken likely by some of your people, and have ever since been trying to get to us and attack us. This is now why I am telling you all of this. Your technological stage is reaching a point that you will be able to find us within the next year or 2. We believe they are developing a satellite now that is able to track us underground. Even though we have a very sophisticated defense system, it still troubles us that there are people out there that wish to harm us, even why we are attempting to help you. We of course do not share much of our technology anymore because of fear it will return into unwanted hands again. Are there others like us in the universe?

Yes, there are 9 civilizations that we know of, and remain in contact with them today. They have also been here a couple of times, but are not truly welcome among all of you yet. Once your civilization reaches its next evolutionary change, then they might come here more often. There are many others we have not yet made contact with yet, and they are still too young and not evolved enough yet as well. As for our family that put us here, we still have had no contact with them, and do not know if they are alive or not, as the star near our home planet in the Orion constellation went into super nova, which was the reason for us to colonize other habitual planets. What is some of the technologies we have?

I will not tell too much, but I will tell you about how we can travel from planet to planet within seconds. We tried for a long time to reach faster than the speed of light. But found even this was too slow, so we found a way to harness tachyons, and now we can travel from here to Pluto, with the time it takes to warm up the engine in 5 seconds. It might be a little faster, but the engine takes 4.5 seconds to warm up. We can use memory transplants, so that when we reach the age of 7 we have an injection into the mind, which is painless by the way, and filled with knowledge from our ancestors, then when we reach the age of 17 we then get a final injection that gives us answers that many of you would love to know about, life. We have to wait for this one, as our mind needs to be matured enough to handle the information. Once this has been injected into us we can also learn to move things with our mind and many other little tricks, which come in handy, especially if we go to the surface and do not wish to be seen. The only thing I do not like is the food down here, but it is everything our body needs to stay healthy. This is another reason we do not go to the surface too much. Your people have created many diseases that were used to kill thousands of people during wars, and of course a lot of the diseases mutated creating other disease you did not have cures for. That was until we gave you some technology to create a better energy system, which was cleaner for your atmosphere. But of course it got used for the wrong reasons, and used to kill millions of people with one blow. We can also manipulate water to do as we please, which we had to use one time long ago to create a flood upon the world, as the human race was under control by slave drivers, and they attempted to kill all of us for getting in their way. I am not supposed to tell you this but not too many will find out if it is kept here. We also have a device that can interfere with the suns magnetic field, and our leaders have decided to speed up evolution. We need to remove your current technology so you can move into the next. To do this they are going to send an EMP pulse from the sun to this planet to destroy all of your current technology. I have not been told when this will happen exactly, but I know it will be between January 2013 and July 2013. So please do as many have said already, and that is get prepared to live without your current technology, growing your own food and so on. Of course many will not be prepared, but this is the way it is meant to be, in hope to remove as many of the unwanted people as possible. Most of the people that use their hearts would have already listened quite a while ago, when many people, some of them being us, have been warning people to prepare for the necessary changes. It will not harm you physically, but it will be a mental challenge, and in hope will bring most of you together again, and help each other to survive for a short time. That is until the new technology is up and running, which could take 6 months to a year.  So where do we go from here?

Well this all depends on all of you? We have all the time in the universe to wait until you reach an evolutionary stage that is living in peace with each other. But to get this, you all need peace of mind from each other. Knowing that you are not going to go out your houses and be shot or worse, blown up. We have communicated with your military and leaders to remove all weapons of mass destruction, and have even attempted to remove guns, and they will only be allowed to be used by hunters, and not every average person on the streets. Your people’s method to stop this was a little unorthodox for us, but they say it will work. This I need to keep to myself, and we will wait and see if it works or not. This is one reason I created this Blog site The Mind Trap. It is just one of many ways we are and have been helping you all connect back to your hearts again. This is why I move from forum site to forum site, just to let you know we are here to help. Whether you want it or not is completely up to you all. There are enough of us here upon the internet to help you; the choice is yours to except it. This is my last post using this I.P address, and then I will move onto another. Thank you for your time, and the many emails I have received from all of you. You are all very beautiful people, and it’s been an absolute pleasure talking with all of you, and I hope one day in the near future will all be able to meet face to face.

I hope I have given you enough information, if not have a good read of some of my other posts, you will most likely find your answers within them now you know this information. Oh, and just so you know my name is dRaKoss.

Take care all of you


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