Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A conspiracy against the conspiracy!

Hello to all again,

This will be my second to last post for this year.
What I am about to write is not 100% true, maybe 99%?  But is my observation of what I believe is happening on the internet. I have done some research; some things are going by memory, and some can be still found on the internet. I won’t put everything here, but enough to get your curiosity moving along, to do some searching of your own.

When I started 7 years ago, finding out who are all the corporations who own the internet, and the military being the highest share owner, and finding out the two owners of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin. I did a little more digging and found out whom their parents are; one of which works for NASA and another is a brilliant mathematician. I didn’t really find too much wrong with that part of what I was searching. And then found out one of their fathers was in the military?

With the owner of Facebook being Mark Zuckerberg, besides his mum being a psychiatrist and his dad a dentist, there wasn’t too much to think about their either. Then I found a page of the shareholders and check out the list, and see if you see any familiar names? 
We find some interesting names, David Ebersman. His profile is quite interesting; it basically spelled out to me, the signs of a very good hacker. Okay I am not going to beat around the bush, All of the names, are either software designers, or computer programmers.

See this is why I am not liked everywhere I go, mainly because I know too much about the people that own the things on the internet. But I feel it is my right to learn everything about who owns a site I want to go on. Well after finding out they were all basically hackers, and experienced some problems with my computer, which by the way the problems were coming from there site. This has happened a number of times, usually not long after being censored for putting things on my wall, to show others what Facebook is doing with all of our profiles, and your I.P addresses. And that was selling them to anyone that would offer money for it?

Anyway, it didn’t end there of course. I then went to YouTube and did the same thing, only to find out the same thing was going on there. But now Google owns YouTube. So I am not sure if that’s a good thing or worse? As these two guy’s that own Google are extremely good hackers, I mean computer programmers?

Again I was having the same problems their when I tried uploading my videos, mainly exposing the same things, that was going on over at Facebook. So I had my brother check out the problems with my computer again, to find out the source on where they were coming from. Funny enough all from YouTube And Facebook, no surprises there? See when I move around on the internet, going from site to site, I only stick to one at a time, as it is much easier to trace back where the problems are coming from. In case you're wondering by now what the problems where? They were Key loggers, if you don’t know what a key logger is? It might be wise to check out this web page:

Now the plot thickens? I decided to go onto conspiracy sites; the reason for this was a test. I had a gut feeling that these sites were being used as a decoy to also get everyone’s I.P address. Just in case you think this means nothing? To a hacker it means everything.

The first site I went to was the one which was worth the most, Above Top Secret; I thought I might as well start with the big boys? So after my first week of being on there, I was banned for absolutely no reason? So I created another account using a proxy server to get in, and asked what I got banned for?
No explanation was given, and I was immediately banned again? This was a puzzle, I hadn’t even written anything yet, and I was banned. I thought to myself how is this possible? Unless they already knew who I was? Considering the owner is Russian, and had also worked with the military? Hmm… Puzzles were slowly getting put into their place. After I had been on their site, would you believe those pesky key loggers came back on my computer again, guess where from this time? Yes you guessed is correct, ATS.

So now knowing the obvious, that I was being tracked by the military and certain hackers, the fun and games began. I went back in to ATS using another proxy server to find out what would happen after I posted my message to the world, which is my 3rd post on my blog site. Which funny enough cannot be found by looking on any search engine? After posting that letter on there and after 400+ positive comments, in one day I might add, and one poster simply saying “We Will SEE” No guesses on who would have wrote that?

I knew that I struck a nerve. I was immediately banned again, and again, and yes a third time, before I had enough fun with them. I did have a few people on their spread it around, and even one person attempted to find out why they banned me? But had no luck in getting an answer from them, besides being banned himself.

Next attempt was a site called God like productions, probably the second highest value, as far as conspiracy web sites go. Straight away, this guy whom goes by the name Trinity, did not like me one bit. It was almost like he was expecting me? I won’t put his real name, as he will probably cry like a baby again and spit his little temper dummy, which he is quite good at by the way. He too is from America, but I believe he is really from Russia too. I started to get the same problems there as well, and it’s quite funny and obvious at the same time, when I get a key logger on my computer. Because as soon as I attempt to write anything that exposes them, I mysteriously cannot post it after finishing writing. I have even had my computer shut down on me several times, in an attempt to post something they do not like.

Anyway, I deliberately posted something on there I knew they would not like, and bam, I was banned again. This time for good, and I still am last time I checked. That was about a month and a half ago. But what surprised me this time? These little hackers attacked hard, to send some sort of warning to me or something, I don’t know? This time a virus attacked my computer and crashed my hard drive. Oh well I thought, so I went and bought a new one, and the whole computer was having some serious issues. I got it checked out again, and it was traced back to GLP this time.

So after a new computer later, which of course did not bother me, these people really know nothing about me, beside what I allow them to see, and this even includes my finances. I knew all about the computer world before I even owned one, and going all the way back to when I first opened one of my bank accounts. Thanks to my brilliant grandfather, telling me to never trust a bank, as they are grave robbers, and will rob me blind any chance they get. So he gave me an idea of course, and that was "blind". What people cannot see they know nothing about? That saying has so many meanings.

So now I am on another site called lunatic outpost, and as funny as this may sound, I believe all of these sites are connected. Meaning all these guys are good friends and having a wonderful time collecting people’s I.P.'s and basically every bit of information you have, or what you let them see, as in my case. OR, it is the same person using different identities? Remember all these people that own these sites are extremely good with computers. And now any of you that have been on there, they also know everything about you. But the only difference with these guys is they are doing it for kicks, as the military is watching me because they think I am some sort of hidden terrorist that is sneaking up on them. But sadly they will be disappointed. As I have devoted some of my life to just get to the bottom of some things; more to do with myself.  And what is happening to the world around me as well. They probably didn’t think I would know as much as what I have found out.

But, I have come to like LOP, but still aware of whom these people are, and who is watching me from his site. Now of course it does not matter to me if they crash my computer again, and again, I can keep doing this for the rest of my life. Material things mean absolutely nothing to me; I have gone way past that. I have even kept records of everything I have done since my time on the internet, including all the data on each and every site I have been attacked on, and have given out many copies to people they don’t even know. Remember there are other means to people besides computers, phones, and post. Thank you, for good old face to face communication, what would we do without it? So just in case of any unlikely event to occur, which may happen to me or any of my family or friends? We are going to see every bit of information spread through the internet, all media outlets, and expose these people behind their computers, all by names.

So it would be very unlikely for anything to happen at all, I really don’t think they would risk it. Especially since some of the names are very important people on this world. Plus what would be the point when I am not out to harm anyone. I am not a violent person, and I don’t believe in getting revenge and attack them all. But I do believe it is time for most people to realize what is going on within this internet world, if only to protect yourselves from some of these dangerous people?

I mean, do you really want someone that does not like you, to get all of your information given to them for a small price, just to destroy your life?

As for those who are watching me through this computer, as I have another key logger on again, this one being from some military base that I will not mention. I have one last thing to say to you, “As you were, nothing to see here”

And as for all you people who are reading this, good luck to you all, and have fun on the internet knowing this information, and keep yourself a little more protected in future, you may never know who is watching you. Unless you have someone that knows what they are doing and can track things down for you? But don’t mind the military, really they are just doing their job and attempting to keep most of you safe, especially from people that wish to harm us. But try to be more vigilant against these fraudulent web sites that are doing this just for fun. And those are all of the above, including Google, and many more.

It does not matter whether you believe any of this or not? I have all the proof I need in my defense, this was written simply to help you become more aware of your surroundings, and I hope after reading my post’s on here, you have even figured more about yourselves.

Take the greatest care all of you, I love each and every one of you as my family, as we are all connected in ways most cannot comprehend and some can.


03/05/2012 P.S. I just found a video to share with you all:

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