Sunday, 8 April 2012

Is their a way to win?

Hi All,

If we look at the current system, money is mostly in control of people. To make the system continue on its current path, it needs to rob from the poor, to give to the rich.

Now of course, we can reverse that, and do a Ned Kelly and rob from the rich to give to the poor? But then if we do this, it will eventually collapse the system, which then the poor will lose as starvation will begin, because costs of living will go up. So this is not an option?

Now we can attempt another 9/11, but for those who have used their common sense already, they would know it would have to be an inside job. Because if there were some nasty people out there to commit this act? They would only be doing it to help the wealthy, and again the poor will suffer, as prices will go up, and again the poor will starve.

We can all stop buy things from these people, making the corporations collapse? But then we are faced with the same problem, the rich will hold onto their wealth, and again prices on everything will go up, and the poor suffers again.

So even if we keep on spending and spending? We will still be helping the wealthy, and prices will continue to go up slowly, so the poor slowly starve and die.

Now there is one way? That is, where all the wealth in the world can be spread out amongst everyone. But how long would this last for? And remember these people that hold all the money, are not going to just give it all up, just because we say so. Most of these people will fight to the death for their precious money. So again innocent blood needs to be spilled? And I can’t believe that most of the innocent people out there who use their hearts, would want any blood spilled at all.

So I guess the rule applies? That rule being, for the wealthy to be wealthy many must die? And this rule works both ways, as I have just written above.

Now, the only way I can see this working, (using the monetary system that is), is that taxes are drastically dropped, and there should be a minimum of 4 pay levels? With each person paying the same tax, no matter what pay level you are at. For example: If 2% tax is taken from level 4 wages, the same amount will be taken from level 1 wages.
Interest on loans need to be dropped, so the people at level 1 wages, can afford to acquire a loan. But obviously will only be a loud to borrow as much as an average house cost. And those at level 4 wages cannot borrow over 1million.

House’s should never go up, this also goes for everything, and nothing goes up and down in price. Everything needs to be at a price that even the level 1 wages can afford to stay alive.

Level 4 wages should never exceed over a million a year. Anyone can live off this amount. So there’s no point arguing there.

All profits from corporations, after the level 4 wages have been paid to the owner. 5% of the profits go back into the corporation to expand business, the rest goes back into the community to expand communities, or even help other communities get on their feet? (WORLD WIDE.) After every community is back on their feet worldwide, this money can then be used to future projects than will benefit humans and everything else living. Secret projects will be abolished, and all will have the right to know where there money is being spent.

Now this is only an idea, I have attempted to look into the future as far as possible, and as long as the population can be kept under control when it reaches 10 billion. Each person can have 2.5 children; it should eventually balance itself out. Because not everyone will want children, so this number is a very sustainable number. If some people are wondering how do we get a .5 of a child?  This only means that if another couple chooses only to have 2 children, then an arrangement can be made to give your .5 to someone else, thus letting another couple have 3 children. (This also includes, people can give their 2.5 child allowance to those who wish to have more than 3 children. So there is no limit on how many children people can have, but it will be like an adoption method, where we need to at least ask first. There needs to be some limit realistically. Even animals don't breed to a point of making themselves starve. We don't have enough people that want to be farmers to support a population this large, and if we turn to stuff made from labs, Then we are just creating another problem, which will be our health.)_

Of course all of this has been worked out by calculation from your very own computers. Eventually if this plan goes ahead, there should be no reason for innocent people to die, but each and every person will die when there number is up. (Natural causes)

So please leave your feedback, on things you can add, keeping in mind this is a working progress if we all put our thinking caps on to make this possible, so that even those who have all the wealth, would at least have a look into it. I really don’t believe that everyone with wealth is a bad person, just misguided.

Discuss, (preferably without abusive or offensive language, otherwise you will be ignored, until you can discuss things in a civil manner.)

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