Wednesday, 30 May 2012

So you think you know me?

There is one reason, and one reason only why I know none of you know me. This is because of every person I have ever met, whether it is in person or online. I have never found anyone who can think, feel, and understand me. Which is why I feel alienated from the whole world.

Even if I write everything there is about me, people will still never know me, and in my favorite words, Thus Is Life.

After my last post, you are probably wondering why I am typing again, when I said that was my last one.  If you have read the very beginning post The Mind Trap. You would have listened carefully and not believed anything I have said. These are only stories in the end, whether they are true or not, only I will know. You will only know if you do some research into any think I have written.

There are very few people on this planet who understand a little how the mind actually works. These people that do understand are very hard to find, because it is the military and so on, that take over after that person has explained how to get the population under their control. 

The easiest ways of course were through schooling, and then T.V. (Even Music, music makes the movie) Just like I have written everything here is in the same way they teach, and also the way they tell their stories on television.

This is how they get you hypnotized into believing anything they say. For example: A T.V. program is designed to use your emotions and make you feel that what you are seeing can or will actually happen. But at the end of the day, it really just is a program, nothing more, nothing less. They will even add truths about everyday life, just to get you hooked into the story line, and attempt to get you to believe it. As most of you know it works quite well. They do the same thing in the school systems, but really it’s all there to get you under their control. Whether they are aliens from another world, or humans on this world? They understand the mind quite well. They just never thought someone like me would just come along to show you all how this works. Or did they?

Because one thing I have learned is that, when you become aware of something, it can no longer have control over you. For example: when I watch a movie, (but never on a TV channel, I always watch things from DVD or make sure it has no commercials.) I can sit there without expressing one emotion throughout the movie. Only because I know why they have made it, and what its purpose is for. But this does not mean that I do not enjoy it, I always enjoy a good story, but that is exactly what I am aware of, it is only a story. Even if it says it a true story, anyone can write that and pass it off as true, when the person watching really has no idea whether it is true or not.

Which is the main reason for me writing what I wrote on the very first post? Anyone can write a good story, and make it entertaining, but it is up to the individual to let the people know that it’s just a story. I know some parents that don’t teach their children this before they watch something on T.V. So you can see why today so many people believe the programs they are taught and shown as facts.

Nothing in life is fact; there is no right or wrongs, because even they change all the time. For example: one minute they will tell you not to do something because it is wrong. But then in another minute, they will say, “oh no, we were wrong about that we need to go back and keep doing it.” Which then gets the mind confused, and people start questioning everything.

Well then if you got that wrong, how do we know really what is wrong or right? The answer to that is, we don’t know. It is all best guess. In the end we find out what is right or wrong when it happens, and this is exactly the way the human mind works, no matter how smart any one is.

The only way to describe me in terms that most people can understand is as follows;
I am a person who can tell you of future events, which may or may not happen. I am the oracle in the movie called the matrix. How I know all this stuff is going to happen is very easily explained. And that is because I just said it would.

Now that would have just made you think, what do I mean?

Everything in life is like trying to ride a wave of vibrations. Now if I want to change something within the wave I am riding, simply because I think the wave is getting boring. I will say something that will make sense to other’s that are also riding the same waves I am. And because of words that I just spoke, another wave will start. Just like a ripple effect when you drop a pebble into a pond, and the waves spread outwards.

There have been many people that have come and gone on this planet that know of this, and have used it to their advantage. Whether it is for good or bad? But really we don’t know if it’s good or bad until we try it out. It’s all best guess.

See the think is too many people believe this whole thing is one big conspiracy, when in reality it’s all there in plain sight; it’s just that hardly anyone is paying attention. But as I said before, when you become aware of what is happening around you, no one can control anyone, but only for short amounts of time, before people catch on to what is happening.

So again, I must ask you not to believe anything I am saying. Just because I understand how the mind works more than most of you, does not mean I am right or wrong. You need to take the next step into the unknown, as so many of you seem to think you are ready. But are you really?

The mind is a very dangerous place to explore, I know because I am doing it, and I am not just saying that to scare you, because I am a very happy person, knowing all this information, and I actually find just about everything in life amusing. The only thing I do not find amusing is the death of innocent people, and most of these people don’t even have voice, because they have no means to the internet and so on. I am one of their voices, who is not afraid of the system, death, torcher or any of the above.

These people that are attempting to control everyone know who I am as a person, but that is all they know. They only know the physical of me, nothing more, even though I can write all of this; they still know nothing about the internal me.

Just by me writing all of these posts I am putting my own physical life in danger, but these people know this as well, and know quite well I do not care, as I still continue to add my ripple effects into this wave we are all riding. And yet, I am still here, WHY?  Because they know this is exactly what I want to do and to happen. Whether they kill me or not, they have already lost the battle with the mind. And I have already made sure of that.

The only reason I know all this, is because I Just Said It.

Please refer to my first post the mind trap with all of my writings.


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