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The story has already been written!

The story has already been written
First I need to tell you why I am writing this. The reason is that this will be my testament to ensure the safety of myself and my family.  What I am about to write may seem very farfetched and even exaggerated.  But I am going to do my best to give every bit of proof, that what I am saying is true. So I hope that you continue reading as it is my life and yours at stake here.  I know this will be a long read, and all I can do is hope you will read it. The date I have is 04/07/2012, and my name is Ricky Klappers, Yeah I know, funny last name. Well laugh it up now, because I believe you will not be laughing after what I have to tell you. Now to begin;

What if one morning you found out you were being controlled?  I don’t just mean being controlled by media, movies, music and so on. I mean being controlled literally by the mind, from some outside force, which you know nothing about. What would you do? Would you just go along with it, or would you try and figure a way to break free?

Well this is what I have been facing for many years. Since the age of 14 I have been waking up with information inside my mind, but only till recently, being the last couple of years. I have decided to write this information down.  I never really had no point to do this earlier, so I believe I was told to start writing it down, and also putting it on the internet. No, I do not hear voices, more visions than anything. The reason why will be explained later. The reason why this started at 14 is because I had asked for it; I wanted to know what was happening and why I was here. If you wish to know more in detail, I have explained everything in my book about me here:
The book is free, and not very long. 

Now to get onto why I am writing this; over the years since 14, I knew something was not quite right.  Waking up with all this information and not knowing where it was coming from, was starting to get to me.  People around me began to think I was weird.  I have been called such things as an alien, freak, and even one man I used to work with, who happened to be a preacher on Sundays, thought I was related to Jesus Christ.  That of course was the most shocking, but he said it was because of the way I spoke to him.  I did have to tell him I wasn’t of course, but did thank him for the compliment. 
So I began to do something I never did at school, and that was to look up some things about our history. Because I have only done this in the past 6 years since my time on the internet, I have only recently put all the puzzles together.  What I found that there was a lot of information missing on the internet about our history, so over this time I have had to go to other sources, in attempt to find the missing parts. Since I have been listening to my intuition for some time now, everything seems to come to me as if it were magic. But it’s not of course, it’s what most of us call synchronicity. And it so happens, that synchronicity has worked in my favor again, I found the information I needed in a book called dead men’s secrets, by Jonathan Gray, and can be found hear if you wish to read. And it is well worth the read, if you wish to find some hidden things about our past.
If the link does not work, Google it, I am sure you will find it.

Sometimes some of us get the feeling we are being controlled, but to what extinct.  I have come to remember as much as possible, (not everything mind you). Some things seem to be still blocked.  But I do remember more than most of you could possibly imagine.  I can remember as far back as the early AC, I am not sure what year, but just remember glimpses of who I once was.  I even had to look at the date just to write it above, as I do not follow any calendar or time.  Once you have learned what I have, you will realize time does not exist, and is infinite.  So you can see why I do not follow it if there is no end. I am about to give you a list of post’s I have made since I was told to post them on the internet.  This will be my proof and hopefully yours, to show you all I have been controlled into writing certain things, even dis-information.  So I am about to show you all that I have been working for the one who has been controlling me, and maybe even a few more of you out there, who also see visions.  Once you have read some of them, you will know who the others are that are doing the same thing. Just so you know I have turned away from this, and have been still working for her, trying to give the illusion that I am still on her side. But I believe she also knows that I am deliberately doing this to turn on her. 

In case you are wondering who the HER is. I know that I used to call her Great Queen.  And one man made me realize that he also knew of her. This is the second time I had ever listen to this man talk, the first only being 2 weeks ago, and listening to his speech about how science saved his soul. Then I watched the first part of; secrets of the matrix, it blew my mind away when he mentioned her.  This man is of course David Icke. I have not watched the other 2 parts as of yet, only because I know exactly where he was heading with all of this. So here I am now writing this, to be one of many who have come forward, knowing quite well that I have been controlled by this being for most of my life.

So here is a list of posts below of exactly what I have been posting on the internet.  They all show signs of me being manipulated into writing these things. They originally started on youtube, but I have removed all of them, and if I could remove the writings from this site called above top secret I would.  The funny thing was I never even heard of the site before, until I woke up one morning and knew exactly where to go. Anyway here they are still on their site:
Actually I have a better idea, go onto this link
And search for trappedinspace, and keepingaopenmind.  Make sure to spell them exactly the same and yes even keepingaopenmind. I used A instead of AN for a very good reason. But either way you will find some interesting stuff on there. Comments I have said to people and also posts I had written.  Even at the end of my book I had put some of the post in there too. You can even google my name, you will still find some info there as well. But only do this if you choose to know more about what I have done.

Now if you have taken the time to have a look, you will start to see by now that something is not quite right with me.  Even though I wrote all this stuff knowingly, it was all a part of the illusion I was trying to give to the great queen, so she knew I was still following her. But if you have been paying attention as I am sure she is. Is that I have also been trying to help you at the same time to watch out for people like myself. Which happened to be a comment from someone when I wrote a post called: To all humans, it’s time to take back our world (FULL Disclosure!).

Now some of you may be thinking; well how can you trust me now.  You can’t, and I deserve that because of the manipulation I have created for her benefit.  But I will try and gain a little of your trust back and tell you how I am no longer with her, and wish for all of us to fight back against her story which has already been written. As we all know stories can change.

The day I broke free from her, was the day I fell in love. Which is also in my book, and I explained with a little more detail.  But here are some things I never mentioned in my book.  When I was between the age of 9 and 13, most of you have heard of being afraid of the dark.  Well I was the opposite, I was afraid of the light.  The reason being is sometimes when I would go to bed, and right before you fall asleep, but still awake just a little. I used to experience this very weird sensation of being trapped in a white room with no doors, no windows. Which did not bother me so much, the thing that bothered me the most, was that every single little thought that entered my mind, was as if I were screaming it so loud that it was deafening.  Which became very frightening for me at this time, and if you were there you would know why. Having to close my eyes, only still to have light surrounding me everywhere, As if my eye lids were transparent, and every thought tearing into my mind and feeling like my head was about to explode, if I had another thought,  it was quite terrifying to say the least.  (Which is one of the reasons why I asked for what I did at the age of 14).  This of course is in my book as well.

The day I broke free from the great queen was when I met my soul mate, and boy was the queen angry with me. Talk about jealousy, she tried to scare the living crap out of both us. The first attempt she made to scare me was the first time my partner and I made love. That very same night, I was lying in my bed, and all of a sudden the bedroom went extremely cold and the goose bumps on me where the size of pyramids. Then it felt like someone climbed into my bed and laid right behind me.  At this point I was terrified of what it was, so I never looked around. I was 18 at the time just so you know, and I had still not conquered my fears yet.  As I was lying there with whatever it was behind me, a very strong and loud male voice said my name, right into my ear.  At this point I thought I was literally about to shit myself. It then called my name a second time with a lot more anger in the voice.  I totally ignored it, and I remember thinking that I was just dreaming, this is not real. I don’t really remember what happened after that as I must have passed out from shock.  Then woke up the next morning trying to get my head around what had happened.

The second attempt was trying to scare me and my partner at the same time. This time it was at my partner’s house. Her parents had gone out for the night, and we were babysitting her younger sister and brother. About 12:30am, the kids were asleep and my partner and I were watching a funny movie. Then we heard a car pull up out the front, and immediately assumed her parents were home. We both heard the doors close on the car, then the front door opened and closed, and as we were waiting in my partners room, which happened to be right next to the living room.  We both waited for them to walk in, but then all of a sudden there was a huge noise, as if someone had really sharp nails, and scratched the wall just like on a chalkboard. It scared the living crap out of both of us; I immediately got up, and ran into the living room, and there was nothing so I ran to the front door, the door was still locked, I went out side, there was no car, and no cars near their house.  It was only till I had done some research into our history, I figured out who it was, that was trying to put fear into us. We never had anything like that happen again. (Just as an added note, the great queen is not human looking, and also carries the DNA of every human species on this planet that has been and gone. That’s right, her DNA has all of ours in her) But then one thing did come back?

When I had turned 33 and as I was trying to think of a way to defeat the great queen, I was slowly getting that feeling again of that white room and loud thoughts in my head.  Something I had not experience since the age of 13. And now I was the magic number 33, and for those who know nothing about numerology, 33 is a very powerful number.  Funny enough since I had turned 33, this information I have been waking up with has been getting worse. I am now 35 this year, and is still happening.

I do know the reason for this, and that is because I have upset the great queen again. Now some of you may be thinking, how can this great queen still be alive, and this is because she has technology far greater than any of you can imagine.  I remember I was once one of her husbands, like I said I can remember bits and pieces of things far greater than most of you can imagine.  The only difference is that I have had enough of her running the world by slavery. Some of you think this slavery ended a long time ago, back when the Egyptians ruled the world. But I will say this, the great queen has never stopped the slavery, she just transformed it, into making people think they were free to make decisions, when in reality she is the only one to make decisions, and her story has already been written, just like a script in a play or movie. Believe it or not, it has been a battle writing all of this. One minute my mind is telling me not to write it, but my heart is telling me to keep going, and give you as much information as possible. I also believe her location is somewhere within the Mayan mountains. But that may change after writing this, as I can feel her inside my mind, doing whatever she is doing. I usually get migraines when she is in it, as I try to fight her out of there.

Now I am about to prove another thing to you, if you want to see that I am here to try and help as much of you as possible. I posted this letter on above top secret, which got banned 3 times. I even had one man try to stand up for me and asked why I was banned, and he too was banned for asking.  I believe it was because it had such a huge response within the first day, and 99.9% of comments were positive, I believe that is the only reason why it got taken off.  But if you knew who is behind running the site, you will understand a little more why it was banned.  There is no point me telling you who is behind that site, because most of you probably won’t believe me anyway, so it is best you investigate yourself if you wish to know.  But here is the letter now on a site called Mayan Majix, the man that runs the site Mike, was kind enough to post it in his articles, which was greatly appreciated. Here is the link to the letter is case you want to read it:
 Also to prove that I am here trying to help you all from this slavery, all you need to do is go to the advance search of this site called god like productions, and type in my I.D. number 1384099, Dating back to the beginning of 2011, and it will give you a list of post’s that I have put on there as well.

I am not the best writer, but I think you should get the message.  You are quite welcome to call me crazy and so on. If you know anything about me from the time I have been on the internet, you would know by now that no one can get to me. As you will even see by the way I have commented to people. If you are interested in finding out ways to get rid of trolls, then look at the way I reply to them, and watch how they disappear and never reply back. I pretty much have a comeback for anything most people say to me, so it is pointless for you to try and put me down. I actually get picked up, because you had the courage to reply to someone like myself in the first place. (Most of the time if you use sarcasm back at these people, and showing them they are not getting to you, they will move along). Also showing them a little love doesn’t hurt either. They only get a thrill when they have gotten to you. If they can’t get to you the worse they will do is give you one star, lol. Like I really care about stars, it really makes no difference to me. Many people have tried to get me in my face, but still to this day no one has succeeded. Even the people that work for the great queen have failed. I just look at them and smile as I do with everyone. Just one smile can make a difference to another person on so many levels.

Now what I am telling you all is extremely dangerous, not only is the great queen still ruler of this world, she will try her best to get you people not to listen to what I am saying, and say things like I am crazy, and a mad man and so on. Even getting other to say the same, including media and even your leaders, she has control over many minds on this world. But as I have written this, I have also made copies; it is my insurance so that no harm comes to my family and me. So if she attempts to get rid of me or my family, you will all know why this has happened.  Also, they use a thing called MK-Ultra, and yes it is still being used today.  So they too can also trigger something off in me to go around and kill lots of innocent people, and then can pass me off as a mad man. This is how she works; she is the master of manipulation.  The problem for her is that I listen to my heart more than my mind now, so it has made it a lot harder for her to control me. I can’t even hurt an insect, so it would be extremely hard for me to hurt another human being physically.  So if it happens you know how and why. I love life and everything that comes with it, including the great queen, so I have no intentions of killing myself or her.  I am happy to live, and happy to die, I have accepted both. I just believe it is time for a change, no matter how drastic it may be.
Now of course I do not expect you to believe anything I am saying, so the only thing I can do is ask you to do some research yourself into our history. The date here is now 05/07/2012, I have left this an extra day before I post it because I had to make sure I felt comfortable doing this.  Especially since my family and my life are at risk here, but just so you know I am not afraid of death, I actually embrace it.  We can never escape our physical death when the body expires. But as long as most of you remember we will always move on into a new life, I believe science will be able to prove this one day, but for now I know it to be true within my heart.

The only way to defeat the great queen is by living a fearless life.  By doing this she can never control us like sheep, and using her wolves to keep us in line, and direct us where she wants us to go. Like I said her story has already been written, so she already knows the way she wants things to be run 50 years or more from now.  If we continue to live in this fear state she will get her way. She’s kind of like a spoilt child who wants things her way and her way only.  And when she does not get things her way, she removes the target that is blocking her path.

I am not the person to jump up and down on T.V and try and get things to change, because in reality it never works.  Even protests never work, even though some may think they do when they get what they want, but really it is her way of making you think she gave you what you want, but then take something else behind your back. She is great with giving the illusion that people have their own choices, but like I said, she is the only one making any choices for all of us. The question is how can you fight someone you cannot see?  It is very simple, remove the fear from our lives and that is all everyone needs to do.  But there is a problem with all of this. There are roughly 50% of the population that likes things this way, and like being told what to do, so they don’t have to think and just do what they are told.  Then there is the other 50% that don’t like things this way, and are rebelling against being controlled. But in the end there is only one thing we all need to think about, and that is do we all wish to live in fear for our entire lives on this planet? 

I cannot help you all with this, only you can conquer you own fears. Just the same as any psychiatrist will tell you, that you are the only one who can help heal yourself.  People like this can only guide you and that’s it, in the end the choice is ours to make that change.

When I wrote this letter;
I probably even shocked the great queen, because I mentioned my name, no longer having any fear of what other people and she can do to me, including hackers.  I honestly have had enough of all the manipulation that is affecting innocent people’s minds. It sickens me that so many people fall for all the illusions created by her. Even now it is so hard to tell if I am writing this for her or me, that is how bad the manipulation goes. So this is frustrating, but that is her plan to get people like myself to be frustrated with what is really going on, and what her great plan is.  Even though it is obvious that she just wants to control the entire population. It’s even hard to tell if she is doing it for good or bad, because as I have said within another post. Good and bad is only what people perceive what good and bad are.  She thinks she is doing good, and what she is doing could possibly be good in the end. Even though most of us think that things are going bad at the moment.  But how do we know that what she is doing is for good in the end, when she won’t come forward and just tell us? Is she the one that is scared of what the population thinks of her, and her agenda?

If the great queen ever did come forth and tell us her plan for the future, are people still going to believe her, if she has manipulated the population for so long?  How would she be able to gain our trust back, so that we believe what she is saying?  I would really love to hear your thoughts on this.

I know that her people are watching everything I do, only because I have had one too many coincidences to be a coincidence. I know that they could knock at my door at any moment, but I feel this will not happen. Mainly because I am ready for that, so they will probably attempt to do it unexpectedly, as I do things the same way.  But then why would they go after someone that has no care if they do or don’t. Really there would be no point, but just to shut me up. But then if they do that, they are telling the people the truth of what is really going on. And that is there is no such thing as free speech. Which is why I probably got banned from above top secret so many times? Because they really don’t want people to speak for those that have no voice and cannot be heard, simply because they have no way of communicating with the rest of the world. Beside the lies the media will give the people on their TV’s, radio and internet.

I believe I have giving enough information to make some of you think about this, and would love for any feedback, positive or negative.  Just as long as you know if you reply with negativity, you might just have it head back your way. Because one thing most of you should know by now, is that anyone who says something negative to someone, is only reflecting themselves upon others.  And really they are only making themselves look silly for saying nasty things, because only silly people say it to begin with.

I really don’t know what else to say, but take care all of you.



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