Saturday, 10 November 2012

My final post, Until the next :)

Hi Everyone,

This will be my final post for now.

Everything I am about to write, has come from bits and pieces of information I have collected along my journey. You will need an open mind to read this, because there is no proof in writing, only what we see. I have had to put many of the pieces of puzzle together myself.

Here It Goes:

A very long time ago, back when indigenous tribes ruled the land, something had crashed landed upon Earth. I am not sure on the date and not sure if it was a space craft or asteroid? But it happened either way. A new race of beings had arrived. Some call them white man, some call them angels, and some call them devils.

These beings were not quite human; yes they had similar looks to the indigenous tribe, but did not carry the same traits. Such as empathy, intuition, and some other little traits as well. This is the time the invasion began. They began to do what they had planned, and that was to find the resources to either get back to their home or, this is their agenda. They are the destroyer of worlds, going from one world to another, depleting it from its resources and moving on.

Now most of you can already see where this is heading, but for those who don’t, I Will continue. The first thing they needed was people, and it so happen there were a great number of people here already, so they had to find a way to get them to work. They came with great weapons, and a book (BIBLE). This book was who they worshipped, and had to live by it, or their master (GOD) would punish them, making them live in eternal hell (FEAR). So they too were under control by an evil dictator. So they began to tell the tribes of this information, and those who did not follow and obey, were killed. All they were looking for were people to do their dirty work, and start the search for resources. Now of course the most important was gold, but they needed much more than just that to make their plan work.

Now all the rest is simply history, and this is where we are today? A world that is slowly being depleted of all it resources. Yes within time it will die off, but also within a large amount of time, it will re-new itself.

Because of mix breeding overtime, we have being genetically modified, to suit their needs. They need stronger workers; they also needed us to live a little longer. All to keep this cycle moving along, and moving along even faster as time goes by. 
Everything we have been doing until today, has been under these beings control, they have no respect for life, they only have one agenda, and that is to collect all the resources they can. Now what they are collecting these resources for, I have still not figured out? Maybe they are attempting to build one massive space craft or something, so they can travel to more worlds like ours, and taking many of us with them. But it will only be those who follow their ways, leaving the rest behind, on a nearly destroyed world. Keep in mind that what we are using is only roughly 10% of the resources being collected.

To add a little extra in, they have not just been collecting resources from here, but from our moon, and mars, and maybe even others close by.
The way they got all their stuff there for mining, was by teleportation. They first had to get the teleportation device there in parts. This was the reason behind the missions to the moon and mars, and probably further. For those who do not know, teleportation has been around for 40 years. And now, are trying to make it transport life.
Now the video has mysteriously vanished?

Everything we do say or even think, they know about it, they can actually read our minds, but now they have a more clever way to read all of your thoughts. Through this lovely little device the internet: And this is precisely what it is used for. I had already wrote this in my message to the world, which so happened to get banned from everywhere I went to post it. But can now be found in very few places, on Mayan and my blog site, which is also banned from all search engines. But I did find a little loop hole to help me, and that was by putting my email address on there, and also on one of my posts I put my True name. But it only helps those whom either know my email, or my name. So not very effective, this is why I place it in my signature.

Now what most of you don’t know? Is that, as they have been breeding with us, they have also kept their true blood line going as well. But their blood line is much smaller than ours.
There are many people like myself that are here to help you all, defeat these beings once and for all, We can either all gang up on them, or if they will not behave, they will have no other choices, but to either destroy us all, or move on. But of course this cannot be done by one man, which is why I need everyone’s help with this. Otherwise it will not work. Again I have written this in my message to the world. I am not joking about this either, they are more afraid of us, because we are so large in numbers. But this can and must be done without violence, there has been enough blood shed already in their names, using our people.

I am open to suggestions how we can achieve this, I have a few plans of my own, by will not reveal them on here, as the internet is not a safe place. I have had them trying to get the information out of my mind, and so far have kept them out of the part of my mind that stores all my important information. I had a good teacher.

Now Disturbed never gave me permission to post this on his site , as you can see here
But his moderators did, as to why he did not, I have written that also within my blogs. Everything on this internet is all connected back to these other beings that are trying to gain all of your thoughts in one place.

As there are many ways to find this information out, I will post a few links here, one is a book called Dead Mens Secrets?? Damn I was hoping to give you the book, but it seems they are on to it. So here is a preview of what is inside this book

There is also another book, called Intelligent design

I can also show you many other videos, and books, but these two will give you enough info to get started on the journey throughout our history. JUST INCASE you don’t believe me. But if any of you know me out there, and know me personally, you know I only speak the truth. And this is exactly what these beings hate. This of course is why I do it, just to get under their skin. Hopefully this post does not get deleted, or just pushed down the line and disappear, because I am leaving it all up to you to keep it alive. If it dies off, then so will the only faith I have, and that is in humanity.

Take good care all of you, and please be careful in future of posting certain thoughts you do not wish to be read. They have many working for them remember, and those you will see come in trying their hardest to discredit everything that has been said. But the one thing they cannot defeat is common sense and the truth, Keep that in mind.

Also just as an added note, if any of you notice, everywhere I go and every thread I post upon slowly disappears? You be the judge on that one.

My love to you all




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  2. Why Thank you Hajjandumrah,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the read :)
    All those who speak to me are in my thoughts always.

    Are you advertising on my blog page??

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    Take good care

  3. Hello Atta Rehman,

    I am glad you enjoyed it :)
    Maybe later in the future, I might post again.

    Take care

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