Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Are you angry yet?

Are you angry yet?

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.

Hello to all, and I hope you all had a wonderful New Year.
I was going to stick one of my older posts here, but have decided to go with something new and fresh for the New Year.

Many are familiar with Shakespeare’s quote above. So what is the part of my opposites?

Have you noticed that many things make us angry, but what makes people angrier, is seeing others being hurt, or dead people being pee’d on, and also the other things like do as we say or die?

From my understanding there are only 2 emotions we experience, and that is love and hate. Every other emotion we experience is a different strength of the emotions love and hate. Some we take no notice of, while others we can never forget. 

So why would these people who control the internet, and media continue to show these things? And let’s face it, they just don’t show it once or twice, they will continue to show it every news break, and though commercials for the next week or two.

So what would be their purpose for doing this?

From my understanding of everything I have been observing from all of you since my time here on this world. It is a very simple tactic that bullies like to use, as I have explained before in another post.

In today’s day and age everything is revolved around laws, and over time those laws have become a lot tougher, and in some case’s a lot more stupid too. And most of them now, really make no sense at all, but the main purpose of law, is obviously to keep people in line.

What a bully has to do today, has changed drastically in the past 50 years. A bully knows they will have serious consequences if they just go around picking on people for no reason. So now the bully has to change it around, and make the other person angry at them, so that the innocent person (the victim) retaliates and attacks the bully. This way the bully can turn around and say, they started it. Of course the victim is then punished (the innocent person who was pushed to breaking point)

It is unfortunate that there are so many adult’s out there that still behave in this manner. What makes it worse is that some of these people have very high positions and influence over so many people.

Now we all know the war between Iran and America has been going on for quite some time. I believe that 95% of it is all an act, and it’s like a little kids game to them, each of them trying to insult the other, in hope to get retaliation for both parties involved.  The only problem I have is that it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, or killed.

These childish games must stop. Now as I do not watch T.V and get most of my news from other people and from my own findings on the internet. I always see things for what they are; if it’s a video of someone, or a news article, or anything for that matter. I always see it as an act, or just a fabricated story someone has made up, but then I focus upon who the video or article is directed to. And then it becomes clear, on the motive behind what the person is writing or showing.

I know most of you are waking up to the lies and deceptions that has been put in front of you, your entire lives’. But your parents and their parents and so on, have all been a part of this act from Scene 1. So they too have helped this agenda move along, willingly or unwillingly.

It is now 2012, this year will be a very special year for everyone. This particular year is going to determine whether we can evolve or De-evolve.

By evolving we humans need to come to realize that everything we know today has been a lie, but also need to become aware of the lies, so we know what a lie is and what is not. Many times I have had people ask me, what do I believe? Or how and when do I think this all started?

With what I believe, most people cannot understand that I have no particular belief system.  This is because of what I have learned, and everything new I learn sometimes can chance my whole perspective. This is the only reason why I don’t follow anyone’s belief system but my own. If you wish to understand what I have faith in, that is simple. You. That’s right every single person on this planet I have faith in. I really hope and have faith that people will evolve on this world this time round. A lot of this has been done with the help of the internet, so that words are able to spread a lot faster than ever before.

To answer how or when do I think this all started? As I do not know the answer, I will simply put what conclusions I have come to, in a short story.  So this way, you know where my mind is at.

Short story:

A very long time ago, before man or animal, an explosion of an atom happened. When this atom exploded it had many different particles that spread themselves into what we know as the void (empty space). Now this explosion may have been one of the most powerful explosions known to man, but was also the tiniest. Many of these particles that were released also had the right combination for creating life.  Now understand that these explosions happen all the time, and have been doing this for infinity. It is my understanding that this is the energies way of renewing and recycling.

Rocks from all sizes have always been floating around in space, but of course have had no life on them. Until recently, like 16.4 billion years ago, and an atom exploded within this universe, spreading its life giving particles over and over again, until these particles found the right conditions, to produce life on a physical and larger scale. Now this of course went on for millions of years.

BIG GAP(evolution)

Then eventually after some time, the first species whether it be humanoid or not, finally became aware. Thus the awareness had begun.

This species become smarter and more aware than any species before it, and it became the more dominate of species. Eventually creating things and of course destroying things.

But as everything in life will be destroyed at some point in time, this species had to find a way to travel to other rocks, which also have the right conditions to harvest life. As there's was about to expire, or their sun was about to expire. 

So over millions of years this continued, going from one planet to another, and well, here we are. Put upon this rock to live out our life. Now here comes the interesting part. I believe up until this planet, most other civilizations have been all controlled beyond our belief. I believe there is no such thing as free will, and everyone has their purpose and must fulfill it. And that is their job while they are alive.

I believe here on earth, we are kind of like a test for other civilizations, to see what happens when they put a group of people together, and allow them to have free will. By that I mean, having the right to make our own choices in life. As we can see it’s not working so great at the moment, but the only reason for that is because there are others on this world that wish to cause others harm, and also want control of people for themselves. This is why dictatorship must be abolished. No one person should have the right to control over others. But this does not mean that a small group of people should have this right either.

If this is going to work no one should be controlling others. Of course certain rules should apply that are only common sense. To keep people in line. But no one should be able to say to you, if I pay you, you do everything I say. What that person has done by even saying that, has become a dictator. Now of course they need to fulfill the job descriptions, but their are limitations to what there money will buy them. In other words, if you pay little amount's of money, you will get what you pay for, and not a slave.

This test is not to intentionally harm us, but to see if we can evolve to a higher state of consciousness, without being forced or controlled to.  We need to do this on our own. This might just be the key to unlocking more than what even our ancestors know? Thus if we become aware of something they are not aware of, we then all evolve together from here on.Just as we humans are doing right now. But as always this goes much further than just our planet, but most people are trained or programed to focus on what is happening on this planet only. Or even within there own little bubble world, as I like to call it.

So there it is, and that is my level of thinking. But it is still very primitive, and we all still have a long way to go. But something will happen this year that will speed this process of awareness up 10 fold. So it might be wise to buckle up as this year will be a special one. Technology will go through the roof, people will begin to see how long this act has been going on for, and that will be enough to blow many minds away. But we will also see the errors of our ways, as many things will shift and change beyond our control.

My words may not mean much now, but will in the future, as more and more people begin to open their minds and allow there hearts to speak again. The process of change has already begun, because of people like me and many others out there. Of course not everyone will evolve to the next level of awareness, but I for one will be welcoming the upcoming challenges and will always try to find the bright side of life.

For every dark corner, there is always another light shining beyond.

Take care all


Always refer to Page 1 The Mind Trap with all my writings, Thank you.


  1. Many will fail to believe themselves into true existence. Ironic popularity of zombies is funny. There are lots of zombies these days.

    Clockwork and Clouds

  2. Hello anonymous,

    Sad but mostly true ;)

    Take care