Sunday, 4 December 2011

My first contact with the devil?

Hello everyone,

When I was 14 years of age, I had enough of everything in the world, and called upon a God or Devil to come forward and explain things to me. I even got quite verbal within my mind towards both, as they were not showing themselves. Of course nothing spectacular happened; I had no dream, not a thing happen that night. So after realizing they don’t exist within the physical world, besides the people that run around pretending to be either.  The next day I did however start to make sense of a lot of things that was going on around me, by simply observing.

Today’s date is 5/12/2011, I am now 34 and last night I had my first encounter with a Devil type figure within my dream. I will write below how the dream took place to the best of my recollection, as it seems to be erasing from my memory faster than I can think it. But I do remember the most important parts.

The Dream:

It first began where I was in a very large cave; it was kind of like being in a large stadium with a roof. The walls had a reddish colour to them, and there were also other people around the place. I do not recall the conversation I was having with someone. But they said something about the devil. And I said “what that arsehole, I need to have a few words with him, do you know where I can find him?”

Now for most of you who have read my writings, you would understand that I have no fear left in me, so coming across this guy would mean nothing to me. With that said, I began to hear some loud crashing sounds on the ground, like footsteps? I looked around and there was this giant being coming toward us. I really wish I could remember his face, but it seems to be erased?
He walked straight up to me, and was now standing right over me. He just looked at me, and said “not you again?” with a loud voice. He said “what do you want from me?” I said “I don’t want anything beside a few answers to my questions?” He just looked at me peering into the depths of my sub conscious (Or soul, as some may refer it?), and then said “Ask away”.

I first began to ask why he looked like a giant to me, when I thought he could appear as anything. He replied “when you first came in here, you thought this place was quite huge, therefor your perception of me would also be huge, which is why you see me as a giant. People only see what they want to see. Now stop wasting my time as you already know this?”

I then asked “why I am still here, when I feel that I have accomplished everything I have needed too, and why are you trapping everyone here on this world?”

He replied “first of all, I am not trapping you here; you are free to come and go as you please, it is you keeping yourself here. And you have not accomplished anything yet, you still have a lot of anger within your mind”

I stood there thinking about what was he talking about? I felt that I have always been positive with my attitude with others around me? As I begun to think about it, I was having glimpses of things I have thought about within my entire life. It was kind of like a flash before I realized that I had thought some very horrible things. I began to have some tears fall down my face.

 I began to wake up a little from the dream, I looked at the clock, and it was 3:11am. I quickly closed my eyes and tried to continue with the dream. I got back in, and he was still standing there looking over me.

I said “I thought this was the way we were supposed to treat others, not my thoughts as well, as no one hears them?” He looked at me with an angry face, and said “you thought wrong, and out of most people, I thought you knew better?” and I said “so did I.” At this point I was a little upset with myself.

So I asked “why am I here on this world then, I want to leave, I am not liking the way things are going at the moment, is there any way out of there before the shit hits the fan?”

He replied “this is something you need to figure out, but I already know you know the answer to that question. But if you want to leave?” With that he made an oval shape with his hand, and it made some kind of vortex or porthole. He then continued “Then there is the door, you are quite welcome to leave if that’s what you really want?”

So there I was faced with the decision to walk through the porthole or not. It was looking very tempting; I looked at him and said “I thought there would be some magical music or something playing in the background?” He just looked at me with a strange look, but never said anything. So I asked “can I come back if I want?” He replied “I will give you 2 hours, if you have not made a decision you will remain where you are. After 2 hours is up, you will not be able to return to your same body. You will have to wait for your new experience to finish before you can come back to the world you are in now. But you will return with a new body, as the old will be long gone.”

I looked back at the porthole, and out of curiosity I walked through. Within an instant I woke up, face first on the sand at some beach. I had no idea where I was, and in the distance I heard this little boy call out to me, yelling “dad?” I was trying to get my focus back within my eyes, and this little boy, no older than 8, came running up to me saying “come on dad, where gonna miss it” He grabbed my hand, and I followed along. He brought me over to a big grand stand type thing, with chairs everywhere. The chairs even had seat belts? The little boy said to me “quick put the belt on dad; otherwise you will get washed away.” I put the belt on, and we were watching this big pool in front of us. Then the pool started to form some really big waves, and then one of them came straight for us, and of course we all got drenched.

I looked at the boy and he was laughing his head off, and then appeared this lady and she said “was that fun?” The boy turned to her and said “that was great mum.” I stood up and looked at the women and said “I am not meant to be here.”

As soon as I said that, I woke up and looked at the clock, it was 5:15am. It felt a little weird being back, but here I am. But I still don’t know why he said AGAIN? I don’t recall meeting him before?  But I now know exactly what I have to do.  

And that is for me to know, and you to figure it out?



  1. I followed your link from GLP and this "story" is so interesting and gave me the chills in some parts.
    Whether it is true or a fantasy, I believe you could be a published author if you wanted to. Namaste

  2. Hello Laura,

    And thank you for your kind words. The dream was real though, and I have had someone say the same thing before. I just write from the heart though, I only make little bits and pieces up here and there, to make it sound a little more interesting :)
    But for most part it is my truth ;)


    Edit: Spelling

  3. A very interesting and instructive story.
    Thank you.

  4. Hello again Kirill,

    Thank you for reading, and I am glad you enjoyed it.

    Again take care