Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Judgment Day Has Arrived!

Hello to everyone worldwide,

The day has come people.  The day of judgement is not about judging others, but the day for you to judge yourselves.  For those who do not know who I am, I am the one here to help you all. I am not Jesus Christ, and I am not a God or Devil. Names are of no importance. I am a being just like all of you, I understand energy and how it works. I understand all of life and how it works. My energy is connected to all of yours in a way that most of you cannot comprehend.  You all know within your heart who and what I am, because of the way I speak to you all. As this message is for all of you, it is more directed at those in control of the world at this very moment and is still killing innocent people.

To you, my opposite’s;

 I have given you your 3 options, and you know what I am talking about,  or post number 3, as I know you have been hearing me through this internet. The problem is that you have not been listening. By now you know who I am, as we have been here many times before, and in case you have forgotten, you have killed me many times for attempting to defend human rights. By that, you also know what I mean. It is a human right to have anything that is a necessity to survive as a human to be FREE. Charging people to live, is a very inhumane way to act?  Things that are not a necessity to live, you are welcome to charge. The time again has come, and this time I have my defense in place.  The technology my family possess is far greater than you can even imagine, they are not here to harm you, but will use defense if you attack them; they are here to help, just as I am, and you know whom I speak of., as some of your leaders have come across their path before.  As you know I am not here to harm you, but only to help you be healed.  Whether you know it or not, you have a serious illness, that it’s only purpose is to destroy innocent life. You now have no more warnings left, lay down your arms and surrender peacefully, any more innocent blood spilled upon your hands, will be punished. Do not bother sending you lap dogs to come and kill me again, as they will be punished also. If you want to do something about me, come and do it yourself, and stop hiding behind your lap dogs.  Your already know by now, I am very serious.

To all of you innocent people out there, those that have been following the path to defend human rights;

 Now is your turn to stand up without fear. We are not here to attack or harm another human, so please do not do this, as you will instantly become the one’s we are up against. There is no need to protest in public, there is no need to go on T.V, they both will be ineffective. The only thing I ask of you is to spread this message, make it viral upon the internet. This is the only fastest way to reach people. Thank you kindly in advance.

To those who have been deceived by those in control of the world. The one you call Jesus Christ, has used his energy to pass on a message for you all, that you need to seriously think about. This message will define who you are as a human being. Not a divine spiritual being, but a human being. Here is your message, choose wisely:

Do you believe that Jesus Christ sacrificed himself, so that all of you did not have to pay for your sins?

Or, do you believe Jesus Christ sacrificed himself, in hope that you people would save him, and by doing so you save yourselves?

There is your message passed through me, as his energy will know your answer as soon as you think it. Either way you choose you are still loved unconditionally, even if you choose to follow my opposites path of destruction.

For those who wish to come in here and call bull shit, you might as well run along, because you are hurting no one but yourself. You are all welcome to reply, but there really is no point.

My final words have been said, the rest is in all of your hands now.  Just remember you do not need to move from your chairs, my opposite will come to me.
My love to you all, and let’s hope we can do this the right way this time.

As always, refer to my first post The Mind Trap with all of my writings.


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